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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The General staff gave advice to recruits: how to get into elite troops

Almost one in five recruits were sent for military service in the armed forces, had higher education, for the first time the delay guys, studying in educational institutions of secondary vocational education, for the entire period of study. About this and other features ending 15 July spring call “MK” told the head of the Main organizational-mobilization Department of the General staff Vasily Tonkoshkura.

Photo: mil.ru

— Vasily Petrovich, plan to appeal failed?

— This year already is not a problem. In the spring of 2017 for military service for conscripts in the Russian Armed forces, other troops and military formations was designed and sent to 142 thousand people. All of them before sending to the places of service were provided daily uniform: Navy — black for ATT and VDV — blue, for other species and genera of troops — khaki, bags, Bank cards, personal electronic cards. Married recruits with children, and the sick and the retirement age of parents, heading for opportunities close to their homes.

— That is the topic of draft Dodgers is gradually eroding?

— With regard to citizens who do not appear in the military enlistment office on summons, their number each year is significantly reduced and currently does not exceed 0.2% of the number selected at the recruiting event.

Every draft campaign works direct telephone line of the General staff. On the hotline, which ran from 15 may to 15 July, received more than 100 calls, while the citizens were mainly interested in not getting a reprieve, and the terms and conditions of service, how to get into elite troops.

By the way, practice has shown that young people who came to the district military commissariats in the beginning of the call, have a wider variety of types of Armed forces and arms of troops for service. The only limitation in this question is the suitability of recruits in the right condition for the service in those or other troops, as well as the results of professional psychological selection.

— And on alternative civil service going?

In this recruiting campaign for the passage of alternative civil service today is aimed 395 people. They are usually sent to medical institutions and welfare organisations. All alternative service are 970 people.

— You talked about professional psychological selection. That is, if you want to get into specific troops, it is better to have training?

— Of course. For example, this spring the military units sent to more than 27 thousand persons trained in the military specialties, including more than 17 thousand — in DOSAAF Russia.

But to get into the sports company at least need to be a candidate for the national team of Russia in Olympic sports. The spring in these units were sent to 199 people — only sports companies are serving 380 people.

— There is also research company…

— This spring every fifth recruit, sent for military service in the armed forces, had higher education. These recruits were given the choice of conscription service — 1 year, service contract for 2 years. The most talented of them offered to serve in scientific companies. Spring was sent in data unit 356 young guys — just research battalions are serving 649 people.

— Some features in this recruiting campaign was?

— One of the features was the provision of respite to the citizens trained in educational institutions of secondary vocational education, for the entire period of study. Previously the grace period was offered in such cases until the age of 20 years.

We also continued the practice of the presence of the parents of recruits at the meetings of the drafting commissions. In this campaign, at meetings of the drafting commissions were more than 7.6 thousand parents and more than 2 thousand representatives of public organizations took part on a regular basis in the work of the draft commissions.


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