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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Putin at the steel plant lost Peskov: “gone Off somewhere”

On 14 July, on the eve of Metallurgist Day, Vladimir Putin visited the professionals in the industry by visiting Lebedinsky mining and processing plant (GOK) near Belgorod. He told them that the continuation of the film “Putin” is that Ivan the terrible, most likely, did not kill his son, and for the graduates of modern medical schools may revive the distribution. But about all under the order.

Most in the Belgorod region are striking for two things. First, the river Northern Donets, having the region width of the stream, narrower than those naturalist from the roofs during the recent Moscow rains-floods this summer. And, secondly, the presence of the Belgorod region, as well as the endless fields of ripening wheat and sunflowers with corn, also a major mining and processing enterprises. This means that upon closer inspection, the scope was national and granary, and a smithy. (About the resorts can not vouch, but it is possible that it also).

One of these plants-giants — Lebedinsky for the production of hot briquetted iron, or, to put it simply, the iron ore concentrate, pellets and called for the President during a working visit to the Central Federal district. The company was not chosen by chance. The plant is listed in the Guinness Book of records for the world’s largest quarry for the extraction of non-combustible minerals. And now, having been first on the observation platform of unique careers, more like a giant crater of a volcano than a man-made example of the activities of the domestic tajprom, then Putin arrived for a meeting with the team.

– I want to congratulate you on the triple holiday – he began.- First, with the launch of new, modern installations, and secondly, with the 50th anniversary of the enterprise, and, thirdly, with your holiday. – The day of Metallurgist. This could be our meeting and finish. But I’ve come to talk with you and answer your questions, of course, if you can. However, here your Minister, or your Governor. So they told me, if that will help.

However, to assist the President did not have: it was not so much specific as General political and economic issues. And the first was: “What are the qualities of a modern leader?”

– Honesty! answered of GDP.- And at its core is everything else: if it is not, everything else is meaningless. However, we need professional quality and, above all, the ability to continually learn from those who are better than you. Such a lot!

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He asked about whether the continuation of the American film “Putin” in the manner of “20 years later”, Dumas the father.

– Do not plan to continue!- he said. – Me in first and then the film was persuaded to withdraw the Sands. By the way, where is he? Nope, gone off somewhere! So, my first reaction was: why? But he assured that it is very important to the Americans thus learned more about Russia, about me. And I said Yes. What I saw — and I saw far not all, it seems more or less objective.

– And You are confident in the future? – asked someone from the audience.

– And You? retorted GDP. – I’m not kidding, this is really important.

I’m sure, because you do everything to! not confused questioner.

– Well, the more people who speak as You do, the more inevitable our victory!- Putin said, at the same time remembering Alexander III, claimed that “Russia has only two allies — army and fleet”.

Digging into the history, and did not ignore the issue of falsification and information war waged against Russia since Ivan the terrible:

– Ivan might not have killed his son,- said Putin.- Perhaps this and many other rumors about him, had dismissed the papal Nuncio, who came to persuade the king to Catholicism, and he sent him. I don’t mean to say that Ivan was “white and fluffy” – apparently, he was a man hard. But such an information war against our country were always. Ask now the Japanese who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and every second answer that the Soviet Union.

News from education was the message to Putin that “although the decision has not yet discussed the question” on distribution in small towns and villages of the graduates of medical schools. And Celebici sent to the universities by enterprises and now must work there, becoming certified physicians”.

Shared Putin and his personal impressions of the meeting with trump:

– What I didn’t expect is that he knows how to listen. Don’t know about other people, but I listened to him, and he me, too. There are people that they speak, and they all go on their own — as they say, “to mold humpbacked”. And trump responds to my words, his arguments. It gives a chance that it will go!

– And with whom it’s easier to talk with men or with women, asked Putin, under the curtain of one of the attending ladies.

– You!- he smiled.- No, really! Our life, our country — people who work, build Russia. And all the rest is ping pong, sports!



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