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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Media: to the Ground rushing Horde of asteroids, the scientists said

887 asteroid will fly in dangerous proximity from the Earth to the end of this year, reports a number of media, citing employees of the Smithsonian astrophysical Observatory. Each of these cosmic bodies, as reported in one time or another will be, in the cosmic sense, very close to our planet.

photo: pixabay.com

According to tdnu.ru in July, the Land in the sum must approach 7 asteroids. However, the probability that any of them do bump into her, just a little.

“Potentially dangerous” are the asteroids, which at the point of maximum convergence with the Earth will be a distance greater than the distance to the moon is not more than 20 times. Let in the cosmic sense it’s not so far to overestimate the threat posed by each such facility, it is not necessary — often a real risk of collision does not exceed a millionth of a percent. Pretty “scary” status these objects are assigned in the first place, then, to more closely monitor them during their future encounters with our planet.

However, even if none of the currently known space bodies threatens to collide with Earth in the near future, the whole meteor threat by many experts seriously. The attention of scientists, politicians and public figures to this issue remains particularly close since February 2013, when over the Chelyabinsk region exploded meteorite. The fall of the object to be detected which previously no one has managed, led to the fact that affected 1 613 people, and material damage amounted to nearly half a million rubles.

Recently experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the emergencies Ministry, noted that in order to minimize the effects of possible falls to the Ground asteroid, you must create and place in space system of detection and warning meteor threats. Later, scientists of the us space Agency NASA announced the imminent trial of the new technology of asteroid defense.


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