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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Beaten by the police volunteer explained his break with the Bulk

Beaten by the police volunteer headquarters Alexei Navalny Alexander Turov in an interview with “Novaya Gazeta” explained your post on Facebook, where he refused further support of the policy.

photo: facebook.com

We will remind, in the post Turovsky said that for the Bulk of his support — “infantry,” and the phrase “one for all and all for one” politician implements only the second part. In addition, according to a former volunteer in the headquarters of the Bulk of activists called “Vinnitsa at every opportunity”, promising the support after the. The Turov was beaten and detained by police during the storming of the headquarters in Moscow, after which he went to the hospital with a head injury and was fined 500 rubles by the court.

Read how Turov in the Sklifosovsky research Institute for the night “cure” a concussion.

After the appearance of the post Navalny and his supporters felt that Facebook volunteer has been hacked: the arguments were including “uncharacteristic” long dash, the beginning of the text, “Hello, my name is Alexander Turovsky”, etc.

In addition, Navalny and members of his campaign staff said Turovsky received the most support, they supposedly “had raised all media”, given the beaten of three volunteer lawyers, called on the air youtube channel, the politician called the volunteer, asking about his health.

However, Turovsky considered the support given to him is insufficient.

“I spent a few days at home, — said Turovsky, all comprehended and understood that I was their tool. Like a flag that you could wave to inflate the story and get the right PR. But after it was all over, the proper attitude and assistance I have received.”

The volunteer confirmed that Navalny called him in the day of judgment for a few seconds, “Then called me “Cactus” (morning talk show on channel Bulk – ed.) in order to say how the country is bad. It was all over. For them I’m just a volunteer who was beaten, and it seems normal for everyone. And I got a bunch of consequences that will have to cope alone.”

Turovsky suggested that many supporters of Navalny will now be “cursing” him, but “it is their right”.

Note that in the comments to the post Turov immediately had records of known opponents of Navalny — lawyer Violetta Volkova, lawyer Ilya Craft, etc. Their General sense was reduced to joy from the fact that a politician not lived up to its expectations. At the same time against Turov bluntly made by supporters of Navalny, accusing him of weakness.

We will add that in my post about the situation around the volunteer Navalny reminded of similar story of what happened three years ago with another activist, Denis Lebedev, who guards one of the suburban villas broke his leg during a declared Bulk “dacing” (real estate search for corrupt officials in the suburbs). In the end, as he talked about it helped Boris Nemtsov and Navalny not.

However, according to the head of the FBC, the case was different: “We have offered any assistance, and even money translating it, but the guy was mishandled and his “history” was used in a similar way”.

Lebedev, after “dacing” and conflict with Navalny became assistants to the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Gudkov, has promised to meet the leader of the FBC tonight, telling all the details of the story.


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