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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ufologists have noticed the spaceship of aliens on Mars

Studying Martian images taken by the Curiosity Rover, ufologists spotted on the red planet the mysterious object, which, according to them, is the victims of the crash space ship of aliens. This is not the first report of the spaceships aliens on Mars, even in recent times, however, such statements are self-proclaimed experts continue to attract the attention of a wide audience.

photo: pixabay.com

Alien spaceships, the entrances to their bases, the objects of artificial origin, and even the remains of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations “the hunters of aliens” find regularly. Most of the messages are Mars and the Moon, although the “found” database of aliens and on the surface of other celestial bodies. among the authors of such messages can be called Russian — ham from Nizhny Tagil Valentina degtereva. In all likelihood, such “discoveries” are actually only unusual stones or shades, and see in them the outlines of objects from science fiction makes people illusion called pareidolia. Sometimes “notice a” UFO on the ground — for example, in recent years for space ships aliens sometimes take a radio controlled drones.

Many professional researchers assume that the Terrans really can not be the only intelligent beings in the Universe, but even if extraterrestrial civilizations exist, the probability of a “personal” meeting with them is extremely small due to the vast distances between planetary systems and, moreover, of the galaxy. As for “sensationalism”, periodically reported by the ufologists, experts treat such reports with skepticism and try not to comment that the very fact of your reaction not to attract additional attention to the already unworthy of this topic.

Recently, however, NASA experts said that they were able to see Mars “face”. This, however, is obviously a humorous message about the land of Mars, the terrain of which conjures up associations with the “mouth”, “nose” and “eyes”.


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