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Friday, February 23, 2018

The genius of the defense industry: portrait of the Soviet Minister Pleshakova was hanging in the Pentagon

July 13 marks the 95 anniversary of the birth of Petr Stepanovich Pleshakov — the legendary Minister of radio industry of the USSR, whose name is associated with the creation of the military-industrial complex of the country, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, holder of many state awards, the General-the Colonel, participant of the great Patriotic war and the Korean war.

In the early 1980-ies one of the American magazines published a sensational photo: office of the Secretary of defense, and in the background the table clearly shows the portrait of Petr Pleshakov.

Why? It’s simple: the American Minister believed that the enemy must know in person. And the fact that Petr Pleshakov was for the Pentagon to be a serious enemy, no doubt. He personally headed the work on creation of missile defense, air defense systems, airborne reconnaissance systems, automation of command and control. Without exaggeration we can say that all the modern radios that are available today in the Russian army, including the so-called “nuclear button”, are the embodiment of the ideas and work of Petr Pleshakov.

The future Minister was born in a peasant family on July 13, 1922 in the village of Red October Grad Umetsky district of the Tambov region. At the end of 20 years the family moved to Moscow, where Peter graduated from secondary school No. 417 and in 1939 entered the Moscow Institute of communication engineers. In 1941 the Institute was a military school that Pleshakov was transferred.

Since 1944, he is an engineer in Scientific-research testing Institute of communications of the red Army. During the war repeatedly, seconded to the army as the representative of the Main Directorate of communications of the red Army. In 1945 he was awarded the medal “For military merit”.

After the war Pyotr Pleshakov worked at the Central research Institute of telecommunications, TSNII-108 as an engineer, Junior and senior researcher, head of laboratory. In the years 1950-1952 he was transferred to the newly created Department as part of the Military Ministry of the USSR of the 5th Chief Directorate, which has the theme of electronic intelligence and radio countermeasures. During these years, twice went to spacemandave to North Korea for test equipment, electronic intelligence in combat conditions, participated in the fighting of the Korean war.

In 1964, Pleshakova was appointed Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on radio electronics of the USSR. Since 1965, the Deputy, 1968 — the first Deputy, and from 1974 to the last days of life — Minister of radio industry of the USSR.

Radar “don-2N” is included in the defense system of the country in which creation active participation was accepted by Petr Pleshakov. Photo: mil.ru

Because Minradioprom the USSR was responsible for the establishment of a space surveillance systems (electronic intelligence), missile attack warning, to overcome missile defense, air defense systems, air traffic control, automated control of troops from the tactical to the strategic level, defense systems, Pleshakov headed the work on creation of all these systems.

He has done a lot on the subject of creating strategic weapons, known as “antiseismic” program (SDI program “star wars” USA). Together with the chief designer of a missile defense system, a corresponding member of the USSR the General-Lieutenant Anatoly Basistov they formulated the program for missile defense of the country.

Petr Pleshakov was engaged in a deep study of the problems of the real combat use of radio-electronic arms. So, at the end of the first results of our military actions in Afghanistan Pleshakov substantiate the need for the speedy establishment of the means of radio reconnaissance and radio countermeasures forces and Ground forces, means of artillery reconnaissance and radar counterbattery, wearable radar to detect moving ground targets (tank man), control systems, armament, reconnaissance and surveillance of the battlefield.

For his work Peter Pleshakov was awarded the highest state awards. Filename Pleshakova named streets in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Dagestan, Tambov, secondary school in the village of Umet Tambov region. His name is one of the associations of the radio industry. In 2005 Peter Who was a monument in Tambov and a memorial plaque in Moscow.


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