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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chinese physicists have performed the first quantum teleportation from Earth to orbit

The Shanghai experts said that they were the first to successfully carry out quantum teleportation between the earth and the previously executed with this purpose, the quantum companion “Mo Tzu”. The researchers were able to successfully transfer information about the state of the particle orbit, i.e. at a distance of about 1 400 kilometers.

photo: pixabay.com

Quantum teleportation is not too much like teleportation in the sense in which that word is commonly used in science fiction books and forms. It is not about instant moving long distance of matter or even energy, and on the use of the phenomenon called “quantum entanglement”. Physics bind two particles together, then as one of them begins to depend on the state of the other, even if they subsequently find themselves at a great distance from each other. While the “teleportation” involves the measurement state of the particles — a process that she, in some way, this is the state the particle is “attached”.

In conjunction with the more traditional channel of communication of entangled particles can be used to transmit information, and it is believed that the channels of quantum communication must be impossible to listen to.

Quantum teleportation between two points on Earth, experts to manufacture already succeeded, but, although theoretically this phenomenon is not limited to the distance “tie” the Earth and the cosmos with the help of the experts seemed a daunting task — it was necessary that one of the particles was delivered into orbit, and its relationship to the other was not broken. Chinese experts say that they finally succeeded.

According to Chinese researchers from the Shanghai University, the successful completion of the experiment, among other things, can be considered the first step towards creating a quantum Internet.

Yet scientific work, which presents the findings, published in the digital library of preprints arXiv.org


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