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Saturday, January 20, 2018

You can not be arrested, leave on the loose: when “planted” Bulk

Over opposition leader Alexei Navalny was again under threat of arrest. However, the status of a potential prisoner the founder of the Foundation for the fight against corruption is more than a year. During this time he has released a number of high-profile investigations, to organize an unsanctioned rally, deploy the presidential campaign. Whether FSIN close known opposition at this time?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In Simonovsky court of Federal service of corrections received a petition on cancellation of conditional condemnation Alexei Navalny. If the court decides to accept the Federal penitentiary service, Navalny will serve his sentence isn’t formal, but quite real — in a penal colony. Moreover, as explained by the lawyer Dmitry agranovskiy, the time the opposition leader has spent at liberty will not be counted. In this case, the likelihood that Navalny will be sent to the colony Agranovsky believes. In his opinion, this possibility, law enforcement agencies had repeatedly.

“Overall, in terms of reviewing a conditional sentence on the real, our system cannot be called humane. This happens quite often, and due to formal irregularities, he said. In this case, the Federal penitentiary service worked mechanically. Navalny has been sentenced to administrative arrest and they immediately sent a statement to the court.”

According to Agranovsky, the social media already managed to break the joke that “the Federal penitentiary service to request to revise the sentence Navalny, if he don’t mind”.

It is worth remembering that the Federal penitentiary service appealed to the court with the timid attempts to arrest Navalny “the present” at least twice, and all the times they were refused.

Deputy Director of the “Center of political technologies” Alexey Makarkin, in a conversation with “MK” also expressed doubt that the opposition are in real time.

Unlike Agranovsky, who considers the Bulk of a kind of “liberal spoiler” opposition movement, the best political elites, Makarkin suggests that the arrest policy would cause undue public outcry. And the authorities just don’t want to provoke him.

“Remember, when in the case of Kirovles Navalny could put on Tverskaya street for an unsanctioned rally was released a large number of people. Now this reaction may be repeated. And it is likely that such actions will not be limited in time,” says Makarkin.

Head of the Center for political and economic reforms Nikolai Mironov expressed the view that the government “takes the Bulk signal: to easy can only be made within the allotted corridor. That is, it is thus administered in a safe direction: either play by the rules or don’t play”.

“Such a system of signals and power are exchanged Bulk a long time – they protest, they are effective. In General, the authorities need to someone effectively “took”, took the focus of the protest social groups and at the same time is not given and become more radical than now,” he said.

Despite the fact that experts doubt the likelihood of arrest Navalny, the increased pressure on his supporters noticeably.

Over the past few weeks, the police raided the headquarters of Navalny in a dozen cities, and indignant “professional statists” broke into the building where materials are stored.

So, a few days ago in Krasnodar at the headquarters of Alexei Navalny attacked a detachment of military pensioners. In Moscow police-Sambo seized from the headquarters of badges, caps, and leaflets with the words “Bulk-2018”, and along with applied self-defence in relation to guarding materials volunteer Alexander Turovsky so that he received a traumatic brain injury.

To doubt that the government seek to neutralize Navalny is another argument: according to the law “about presidential elections”, being convicted according to the article, which is classified as serious (the case of “Kirovles”), he cannot be admitted to the race, no matter how many signatures he has not scored and staffs nor opened.

Maybe not he personally, but that does not prevent the Bulk to nominate someone from among their supporters, which got under the hand, as for the stock March 26, and June 12, and in the course of “raids” at election headquarters? However, the idea of being able to delegate key role in the protest movement, at least for the next year to someone else, Navalny has not yet been announced.

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