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Monday, January 22, 2018

Today, Stalin would be a juggler with a nuclear bomb

The country needs heroes, and will give birth to who knows… This unsatisfied thirst not even the heroes, but rather the idols of today have led to the fact that the first politician after Putin in the minds of Russian citizens (as well as in the media) by none other than Stalin. If you believe the polls, 43% of Russians justify Stalin’s repressions, and 38% believe comrade Dzhugashvili most outstanding person of all times and peoples. Maybe the return of Stalin is something that is missing in modern Russia? To rule Russia, woven of contradictions, and of many nationalities, can only people and systems absolutely feeling the request for some form of great justice, coupled with the strong hand of the king-priest and woven into us Orthodox pokorstvo and humility?

photo: Alex geldings

We, the population of modern Russia, 64% of which is for the construction of new churches (4% vs), absolutely not noticing the contradiction with the need for a second coming of one of the bloodiest tyrants in world history? So, maybe a new Stalin is the ruler that we deserve?

It is the collective unconscious and to condemn something language does not turn. Rapidly falling incomes, food prices grow in 5-6 times faster than the official inflation rate, about a decent holiday already and can not speak. And all this against the background of the feast completely divorced from reality bureaucrats and civil servants. How can we not make people righteous anger and desire to deal with high-handed bureaucrats harshest methods. Here and gives birth to imagination a kind of phantasmagoric mixture of the Punisher-the Savior to come, gave the order, who should be shot, and all the others who survived will be okay.

Much of the admiration of Stalin is based on a set of myths, beautifully packaged for sales hungry to do justice to citizens. Modern Stalinists foaming at the mouth to prove his greatness, remembering the industrialization of the 30s years, as the five-year plan was carried out over three years, and the economy grew by leaps and bounds. If they had not turned over the pages of school textbooks and read all chapters in a row, you would know that the economic growth of the Soviet Union owes much of the success of the tsarist Russia. In 1913, our economy carefully studied by order of the French government economist Edmond Teri. So, according to him, economic growth 1900-1912 years if he hadn’t been interrupted by output from the First world war with the loss of the most developed areas and the subsequent Bolshevik transformation, in a short time would have made Russia the country with the greatest economy in the world, and our population in 1948 would exceed the total population of the five largest European countries. By the way, the export of food from pre-revolutionary Russia exceeded imports by three times, and from this it was concluded that industrialization could pass naturally. The money was, and no one had to drive to bondage. But that if the aim of the ruler was not the retention of power, and real economic growth and the welfare of the people. What is the purpose of such funds: Stalin spent industrialization is much more costly and inefficient methods, than it could be. Formally, the GDP of the USSR during the active industrialization grew at a rate of 4% per year, despite the fact that before the revolution healthy economic measures gave rise to 7% a year. The success in industrialization was achieved through the mobilization of all human resources and at the expense of the welfare of the population. All for the benefit of heavy industry and defense, but nothing to ordinary people. There is just a real slowdown.

Laid whether Stalin’s rule the Foundation for the future successful development? No. It creates a habit of dependency (say, from the person depends nothing, and problems of any nature can be solved only by the state), from which we can’t get rid of until now. While the worldwide work rule “work hard, and achieve what they want”, we “stay put, you all decide, and all will provide, and how if something happens.” Great for those who like and crave for justice, but to do anything, not create anything he wishes.

I want to return the hard hand of the leader? And we thought that going back to our reality along with the Board of Stalinist? And that’s what will happen. To start back the iron curtain, or of the mass of available rides even in Turkey at the sea is already possible and not to remember. We are waiting for the inevitable ban on the circulation of currency. Only the fixed rate (and significantly different from the real black market). The increase in wages, the growth of welfare will also remain in the past even at the level of ideas — all for the sake of the five-year plan in three years, a record melting the amount of steel, built a record number of tractors and the like. To accelerate the development of such methods will not work, because we do not have any development plans, they all ended with the discovery of the Samotlor field in 1965. But to find oil in order to get hooked on it enough. In the end, it is possible to develop parallel and non-oil exports. However, inherent under Stalin’s policy of dependency has led to the fact that at the first opportunity, all peacefully folded her hands and limited oil revenues, buying for them even the basic food.

“Great” the legacy of Stalin’s oil dependence. Many of Stalin does not need to return, and so they feel all the charm of a system created a century ago. Not idealized in the minds of adherents of the hard hand of the tyrant, poorly representing those days, did not catch them and lost the memory of their descendants, and real bloody, overwhelming personality and as a mythical Kronos devouring his children.

Russia is, unfortunately, more is moving on the path of economic reforms that could improve the well-being of the population and prepare for the confrontation with its own people. In the 1930-ies (and in the 40’s too) many of the most capable, talented and active people themselves knew the “charm” of the camps. And now there is a systematic suppression of private sector business, with the replacement of its pervasive inefficient state-owned companies.

I think Stalinism to deal with it? Very differently. This would be impossible without a dramatic change of the socio-economic structure. If you want to preserve the integrity of the country, required a substantial margin, both political and economic. In modern Russia, unlike the early Soviet Union, such a reserve no. The inevitable isolation will not only lead to the collapse of economic indicators, but also undermine the situation on the borders. Even Belarus would not hesitate to deploy their tanks in side of our borders. And it will be much worse in Ukraine because of the unity of the Belarusian people and the lack of competition in the power.

Economic growth for the Stalinist model is now impossible — the entire developed world jumped into a postindustrial society where there is high technology, private initiative, efficiency, teamwork with the best specialists from all over the world, regardless of their citizenship, higher competition, and consumer goods. Well get thousands of people to the next project of the century some of the steel plant, but such measures will not help us not to catch up with the pace, for example, India with its growth of 7.6% per year, or China, growing almost 7% per year… We don’t even get close to the world average growth of 3% per year! In the modern world the Stalinist economy — a failure.

In today’s world the dictator is a pariah. No country will take him as a partner, the risks are too great also to get into the insulation from around the world and back many years ago. And anything your Stalin will not solve. Get instead great leader of the likeness of Kim Jong-UN, who only knows how to bark like a Pug on an elephant, threatening the world obsolete missiles, keeping its people in poverty.

The transition to the “new old” formation will be very painful not only because of external threats but also internal. No change of formation as such in Russia has not happened in the last hundred years. 90, despite the romanticizing of this period of history populists, not less rabid than the Stalinists, in fact have had only minor conversion. The elements of private ownership was and 91 th year, as a way of life based on a fixed income, have remained the same. And the famous “liberal” Gaidar reforms did not really changed.

A return to Stalinism would inevitably be bloody, otherwise we have no changes occur. With the radical change of formation we will see their “Donbass” across the country: divorced Kaliningrad and the far East, the oil-rich Siberia, Tatarstan successful… there Are many ambitious politdeyateley wanting in the Wake of the fear of impending tyranny, ready to tear off a tasty piece of territory for the sake of his career, even at the cost of territorial integrity of the state. USA on Ukrainian opposition (at the request of the state Department) spent $ 5 billion, in the end, this resulted in the Maidan. Undoubtedly, enough for a dozen such operations in situations of extreme exacerbation of internal conflicts just to break Russia into pieces.

To avoid such development of events moving in the opposite direction from Stalin. Open up to the outside world, creating an environment for the development of civil society with a real system of social control.

New Stalin — is the degradation of civil society, the loss of the best minds (which under the current conditions seek to leave the country), bloody repression, recovery camps and a global war. You are ready the modern world to give up on it or still need to go ahead and stop finally to look back into the past? Eyes wide shut. We don’t need live bodies. We need to save the country.


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