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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The trump has limited powers: Congress passed a bill on sanctions against Russia

The us Congress passed a bill to impose new sanctions against Iran and Russia. The white house endorsed the decision of congressmen, drew attention to the fact that they greatly limited the powers of the President of Donald trump. Speech, in particular, is that it will not, without the approval of Congress to soften or lift sanctions. Director of legislative Affairs of the presidential administration mark Short called the situation “an unusual precedent.” How is it possible?

photo: pixabay.com

The new bill involves the tightening of existing restrictions. In particular, the American legal and physical persons will be denied financing transactions of Russian banks for a period of more than 14 days (previously it was 90 days). To Finance Russian energy companies a maximum term of only 30 days. In addition, the United States intends to prevent the implementation of the project “Nord stream 2” (the main gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea against its construction were made by the administration of Barack Obama, despite support from a number of European countries).

Traditionally, the sanctions bills passed by Congress contain a clause stating that the President may cut or suspend their action – for example, if required by the interests of national security, said Shorts. At this time this option is not provided and thus the powers in the sphere of foreign policy has been fully delegated to the Congress, he said. However, the bill the White house has agreed. Why?

In Iran, the 45th President of the United States known for his tough stance. As for Russia, the sanctions against which were to “be adjusted” to the anti-Iranian, the situation is somewhat different. Amid the investigation of the “Russian trace” in the American elections, any move towards Moscow, including the easing of restrictions will provoke another surge of criticism of trump, and has impressive political capital. Because the consent of the White house bill easily explained – even if Congress had not limited the President’s powers to use them, he would not have been able.

Of course, there were other scenario – a presidential veto. But trump is not interested for the above reasons, and due to the fact that in Congress, he has almost no support. In order to circumvent the veto, the necessary two-thirds votes of congressmen. American analysts agree that dial is the number for the initiators of the bill would not be a problem.

Thus, Congress essentially left the Trump choice, putting the ambitious leader of his place in the same “checks and balances”, which is famous for American policy.

The situation around new sanctions bill is an important indicator of the relationship of the President with Congress. Experts have repeatedly pointed out that the new US President admits big blunder, not trying to interact with congressmen. Of course, a man like trump – although it’s clearly not only the ambition, but lack of political experience, I would like to “push” decisions of the presidential decrees. But, unfortunately for him, it’s impossible: they can be easily blocked by the judicial system.

Therefore, the formation in Congress of a sustainable group of loyal to the head of state figures is critical. But trump, it seems, has not yet committed to this: for many Republicans, he never became an insider, what can we say about Democrats. And the ongoing investigation of the “intervention” of the Russian Federation only aggravates the situation, leaving the President in a very weak position.


In the Russian media appeared information about the fact that Moscow could be expelled from the country some 30 American diplomats. It should be a response to the arrest of departmenet of the Russian Federation in the States of new York and Maryland in December of last year – holiday house diplomats in the US version, was used to gather intelligence. That our country is preparing retaliatory measures, said two weeks ago the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Then in the comment “MK” the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin said that the expulsion of diplomats makes no sense: “If they ban the entry into Russia, then others will come with another method of work. And those we already know.” Previously, the issue of the arrest of Russian property was raised during the visit to Moscow U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson. At the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump at the G20 summit on 7 July this issue was also touched upon, but, according to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, the solution was found: “the work still remains.”

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