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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The great Ukrainian fence: a visa or a mockery of by Russia

Ukraine is not going to introduce a visa regime for Russian citizens. Ukraine intends to introduce for citizens of the Russian Federation a set of norms and rules, in comparison with which the notorious visa regime may seem like the height of goodwill and a symbol of open arms.

photo: pixabay.com

The basic principle of international politics — reciprocity. If your face slammed the door you have to slam the door on the neighbor. But that’s not what Lee expected of us by those political forces in Kiev that want to close the border with Russia on the lock and throw the key in the deepest well?

If in politics there is no place for creativity and innovative moves, it is a bad policy. We don’t have to go on the Russophobic politicians in a neighboring country and drive to designed our opponents a political trap. Russia needs in this difficult situation, clearly understand their interests and act on them, and not from a false principle of obligatory reciprocity. We must remember that the mirror response to the hostile actions of official Kiev strike not to Turchinov, Avakov, Klimkin or. Mirror response will hit the millions of Ukrainian citizens, who every day are voting with their feet against the deliberate and consistent course of the Kiev leaders to minimize any ties with Russia. We have neither moral nor political, nor economic right to beat on their own. We have to beat someone else — a stranger to answer this intelligently, deliberately and asymmetrically. To answer them as we need, not the way they want.

In those already enveloped in a light haze of unreality the days when a trip from Moscow to Kiev in the degree of difficulty was not much different from the trip from Moscow to Minsk, I don’t have too often used the right of free access to Ukraine. In my entire life I have been in Kiev three times, and one of these visits started in the morning and ended in the evening of the same day. But psychology is a strange thing. Every time I hear the phrase “the visa regime with Ukraine,” it reverberates in my soul acute emotional pain. Therefore, at the level of feelings I felt some relief hearing that official Kyiv plans to impose on Russian citizens do not a visa regime, and a system of electronic pre-registration. But feelings are not always the best Advisor. Baykovoye sounding name “pre-registration” may in fact turn out to be something much more unpleasant than the visa regime.

In the classic children’s poem by Sergei Mikhalkov says: “I vaccinations are not afraid, if necessary pricks! Well, think of the shot! Pricked — and went!..” A visa is like a vaccination. By itself, the process of obtaining a visa is rarely a pleasure. But when you’re with a new sticker in the passport you go over the threshold of the visa application centre, you seem to grow wings: now you have the right to go anywhere in the country you want to visit! The new system of visits of Russian citizens to Ukraine the luxury of the Russians does not.

As stated at the briefing in Kiev by the Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov wishing to visit the country, Russian citizens will soon need not only “pre-register and provide to the foreign Ministry the necessary data that will determine the foreign Ministry.” Turchynov announced two innovations: “Introduces the mandatory registration of citizens of the Russian Federation located on the territory of Ukraine in the place of their temporary stay. Also introduces the necessity of presenting information about the movement on the territory of Ukraine”.

The latter requirement is something from the days of the cold war, Soviet and American diplomats, whose freedom of movement was restricted by the respective Metropolitan regions. The measures, announced by Turchinov pledged vast discrimination potential. Official Moscow can not ignore this fact. But there is another circumstance, which also should not forget that the system of discriminatory measures against the access of Russian citizens to Ukraine for a semi-formal level has been in place since 2014. Any Russian citizen has the opportunity to arrive at the border with Ukraine. But not everyone is able freely to cross.

In 2014, Russia gave Ukraine a mirror response in a sense the introduction of retaliatory restrictions on entry. And this decision should be regarded as entirely correct and logical. Wing Russophobic Kiev government wanted to break the contacts between citizens of Ukraine and Russia, despite their close and friendly relations. We wanted and want the maximum of these when keep. Ukrainian labor migrants — an absolute boon for the Russian economy, an important and valuable resource for a country that is suffocating from demographic problems. Haters of Moscow among the leaders of Kiev wanted to deprive Russia of the benefits. We like and want to keep it.

Released Turchinov “reforms” there is nothing fundamentally new. And one of the latent but very important reasons for the introduction of new rules is an attempt to provoke the official Moscow on ill-conceived retaliatory steps. The builders of the wall between Russia and Ukraine want us to the most primitive way to breed, they want to force us to do their job for them. It is not necessary to go these people on occasion. Of course, Russia should care about its security. Given the long-term political tensions between Moscow and Kiev, complete freedom of access to our country for all without an exception of citizens of Ukraine — is at least unwise. But to shoot yourself in the foot in order to respond symmetrically Turchinov and Poroshenko — the height of folly.

Of course, you can try to take a different position: to impose reciprocal restrictions on entry, and that anger suddenly deprived of the earnings of the former Ukrainian labor migrants in Russia will fall upon the Russophobia of the Kiev leadership. But I am convinced that it won’t work or will work against us. Responding to Kiev, Moscow should be guided by the principle of “do no harm” — do not harm yourself, do not harm those Ukrainians who are friendly or at least pragmatic attitude towards Russia.


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