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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Created a device that turns songs into alcoholic cocktails

Experts from Japan said that they managed to develop a device that calculates the mood of a song and creating it into a cocktail. As explained by the creators, the combination of different flavors of cocktail will be the same combination of emotions that the song conveys.

photo: pixabay.com

As explained by the creators of the unusual device, it tries to “isolate” from the works of five emotions — joy, excitement, romantic mood, sentimentality and sadness. For some algorithms these emotions are evaluated, experts in the details not reported. Then in a glass cocktail is added the juice of five special containers, and each juice in the drink will be as much as of the emotions this type of program is found in the song. Joy corresponds to sweet taste stimulation — sour, romance, astringent, unsentimental, salty and sad and bitter. Finally, the drink is mixed.

Experts say that fans of cheerful melodies using the developed apparatus receives sweet juice (probably with a little sour taste), while people who prefer jazz, you can drink a more bitter drink. The researchers note that the program allows you to create both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Recall, July 23, Google logo change noted 117th anniversary of the birth of Oscar’s Money, a major whose contribution to culture is the creation of a genre of abstract musical animations. In a way, he also — albeit, of course, and on a much deeper level than the authors of the new development, also tried to imagine the music as something that exists not only in the world of sounds.

Last year a group of Belgian researchers from the free University of Brussels found that the right music can make a beer taste better.


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