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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Official marriage: why Russia is not the individual laws

When deputies, senators, officials and even the President asking why a particular law won’t work or works somehow, and then the opposite idea in a way, they are increasingly criticized for law enforcement. They say that the law is good, but “came across ravines” in the face of careless players…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”) in the new convocation takes another position, but her “package” will forever remain in the history of the Russian legislation.

But, alas, it often is not the case: the filthy “law enforcement practices” derives from the legislative schlock, generating a mess. From ill-conceived and unfinished (unwittingly or in the interest of) documents.

Almost a year ago came into force the so-called anti-terrorist “package of Spring”, lobbied by the FSB and adopted at the behest of the Kremlin’s obedient Parliament without adequate discussion and questions. But the decree, which would define, in what amount and manner the operators will be obliged to keep from 1 July 2018 information on the content of “text messages to users of Internet, voice, information, images, sounds, video, and other electronic messages of Internet users, “Internet”, there is still. The maximum period of storage of such information in the “Spring package” is defined in six months. And since there is no government regulations — still no clarity, some penny the fulfillment of the law is costing mobile operators and consumers of their services. Many experts believe that prescribed in the law is generally unenforceable when the current level of development of appropriate technology in Russia…

And in 2015 entered into force the law which obliged to create in Russia the uniform state register of animals subject to registration. In order to ensure veterinary safety. The list must be posted, approved later by the Ministry of agriculture, horses, donkeys, mules, mules, deer, camels, small ruminants, dogs and cats, poultry, fur-bearing animals, fish and other aquatic animals, and pigs and bees.

But no single registry is still there. First, there is still no procedure for registration all the above mentioned categories of animals. And secondly, doing now to prepare for a second reading of the bill “About responsible treatment of animals” in the state Duma suddenly found that: the law about veterinary safety as would be valid for a long time, but it does not work! Because so far the regions have not transferred to the appropriate authority for registration of animals — or have never realized that before, or even think I wanted to, because no one was going to the law to fulfill.

Now the bill “About responsible treatment of animals”, who told me to take the President, which means it does not make it impossible, at risk of becoming broken the law: what is the meaning of impose requirements for keeping of animals, if not keeping and monitoring compliance with these requirements impossible?..

And six senators erupted initiative, which in the case of adoption might also include the mournful list of the stillborn law: they propose to amend the list of prohibited Smoking areas “in places outdoors at a distance of less than ten meters from the entrance to the entrances of apartment houses”.

In the elevators and the hallways, in attics, in the basements and technical floors of apartment buildings are already smoke, and the output from the entrance — while it is possible, remind the authors. Under the explanatory note would have signed any non-smokers: “the inhabitants of the lower floors of apartment buildings have become hostages of this situation, not being able to open window” “the problem is exacerbated when the ground floor is the office or shop” — and their employees satisfied at the entrances of the Smoking room”…

The bill has attracted the attention of the public. “Really, how long?” asked one on the Internet. “And how are you going to prove the fact of violation of this prohibition — with a tape measure or something, to run and to measure those 10 meters? Yes, in some yards between the entrances is less than 10 meters, and 2-3 meters from the exit, there are cars…” — asking reasonable questions of others.

During the discussion it became clear that the long-existing prohibitions such as the prohibition to smoke in the elevators and hallways is rarely respected. Article 6.24 of the administrative code, which for Smoking in prohibited places promises to a fine of 500-1500 rubles (if we are talking about the Playground — 2-3 thousand rubles), imposes a duty to bring offenders to justice the police only in cases when we are talking about public places. Be fined under this article and the sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision, but that if Smoking is not according to the rules recorded anywhere in the organization. As for the elevators, and “common areas in apartment buildings” Protocol can only issue an official of the state housing Inspectorate of the region, and he and other things to complete.

Whether, from the point of view of the authors, the area within a radius of 10 meters from the entrance of “public place” or “place of the General using in an apartment house” — is unclear. Russian legislation on this account a direct answer does not…

This initiative is similar to many other that are made to the state Duma, not in order to be accepted. But where is the guarantee that some influential advocate of a healthy lifestyle don’t make it to the President?


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