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Monday, March 19, 2018

The state Duma has chosen the text of the oath of the citizen of Russia: “Let them wither on my hands”

The working group of the State Duma have chosen the text of the oath, which will have to bring foreigners taking Russian citizenship. Approval received a short and concise version, although the choice was great: for example, the head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to add the words “may wither my hands and feet, if I ever go over to the enemy” and to exalt the love of country above love of woman. “MK” has found out, why our country needs the oath – now you can receive the legal consequences of its failure.

photo: pixabay.com

After discussion with the participation of the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, the working group of the lower house of the Federal Parliament chose the text of the oath, which will have to bring foreigners wishing to adopt Russian citizenship. Recall that the contest of texts for price guy ended June 26.

The selected text proposed by the head of the Committee for state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov. Recall that he proposes to make provision about the oath of a separate item as an amendment to the law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”.

“I (surname, name, patronymic), voluntarily and knowingly, taking Russian citizenship, sworn to uphold the Constitution and the legislation of the Russian Federation, rights and freedoms of its citizens; to perform the duties of the citizen of the Russian Federation for the benefit of the state and society; to protect the freedom and independence of the Russian Federation; to be loyal to Russia, to respect its culture, history and traditions” – these words have to say to those who are going to take Russian citizenship.

There were more lyrical, ornate and festive options. For example, the head of the LDPR faction in the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed a text: “I will never betray you, cheat on you, and my love for you higher than love to his favorite woman. And let wither my hands and feet, if I ever go over to the enemy. And let my will be a dead language, if I ever say even one bad word in my country, Russia. Adventurers and speculators of all stripes, all your attempts in vain – Russian do not surrender, not afraid of anyone and never sold.”

Some even wrote poems about love of country (with simple rhymes like “I Promise always to love Russia, the state for posterity to preserve” or “Proud of the Motherland and give her a reason to be proud; to present their work and to be gifted to his country; not to demand but to accept with gratitude all good. Ready”), and someone on the contrary rather restrictive version of enumeration of the laws and the articles of the Constitution that must be followed.

Meanwhile, as explained “MK” political analyst Alexei Mukhin, the mere discussion of the oath suggests that the country is preparing a new “crackdown”: if there is an oath, means, will be punished for her failure.

– The oath is first and foremost a oath imposing certain obligations on the person who gives it. In addition, this document can under certain conditions be used against that person. If he begins to engage in terrorism or extremism, violation of the oath that would incriminate them in the first place. Thus public opinion is being prepared for the fact that some citizens simply don’t deserve the title of citizen of Russia. This is an important element of ideological work, for here the analogy with the military oath, the violation of which is punished very harshly. To predict early, but it is suspected that there may be legal circumstances which will help to make the first step to the practice of deprivation of nationality, – said Mukhin.

According to him, we can draw an analogy with the oath, which was given received the “green card” newly made citizens of the United States there is this tradition exists since 1802. There are other examples: for example, in Germany if you receive a document certifying citizenship of Germany, a foreigner must swear to observe the Constitution and laws of the country. Also swear allegiance to the country should be the ones who acquires the citizenship of the Czech Republic – where the rule is valid only in 2014. But the inhabitants of Singapore had in 21 years to swear regardless of whether they received citizenship by right of birth.


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