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Saturday, March 24, 2018

“Primakov” read: Kissinger expressed optimism, Lavrov recalled the anecdote

On Friday, Moscow hosted the second day of the “Primako readings”, the largest international forum of the Russian and foreign experts of international relations, economy and security. And it began with the speeches of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and Patriarch of American diplomacy Henry Kissinger.

photo: Andrew Conflict

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry devoted his address to the node points of the current situation in the world, Recalling that the liberal model of globalization has exhausted itself, the gap between rich and poor countries has been growing, and the threat from the surge of international terrorism. Against this background, according to Lavrov, the obvious illusory nature of attempts to build private Islands and sit in a quiet Harbor.

Not bypassed the foreign Ministry and one of the most pressing topics for today – namely, relations with the United States experiencing a period of “abnormal” and become a hostage to internal political struggle in the United States. Given the importance of this issue and in light of the upcoming meeting of the leaders of the two countries gathered at the forum, experts and journalists with a particular interest watched the performances of Henry Kissinger, who on Thursday met with President Putin.

The appearance of 94-year-old Nobel peace prize winner, former Secretary of state and assistant to President Nixon for national security “Primako readings” was logical not only in connection with the value of the figure of Henry Kissinger who has a great reputation around the world. (Incidentally, it is recalled that last year Henry Kissinger was elected a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Kissinger and Primakov were close friends, what the American guest mentioned in his speech. According to Kissinger, they are often met with Yevgeny Primakov, being rivals and being on different sides of the table during negotiations, but this did not prevent them to have a General belief that problems between Russia and the United States, between the Soviet Union and the United States should be resolved through negotiations that it is necessary to move toward a common vision for the future.

The problems existing between our countries, says Kissinger, must be addressed responsibly and we have every opportunity to achieve progress in bilateral relations, but also in the interest of the whole world. But this requires joint efforts. Because the consequences of our differences can have disastrous consequences.

Henry Kissinger assured the audience that the voltage that occurs intermittently between the U.S. and Russia is not a new phenomenon: “We have known worse. But was able to overcome this tension.” Speaking of the past, the veteran of American diplomacy recalled that the moments of tension have arisen in pre-Soviet times. So, at the end of the nineteenth century America was competing with Russia in northeast Asia for access to Manchuria. And during the Russo-Japanese war the United States supported Japan, that is indirectly acted against Russia. But then managed to emerge from the crisis.

photo: Andrew Conflict

Speaking about the struggle of the great powers for supremacy, Kissinger mentioned about such an important factor as the difference of perception of national security in the two countries when Russia, historically concentrated in the defense of their vast territory from powerful neighbors, and the United States, on the contrary, after establishing its dominant position in North America feel safe and can develop more openly as a trading nation. In addition, each country within a hundred years pursued a policy of containment to varying degrees. Russia, according to Kissinger, tried to restrain the dynamics of the American and America – “Russian expansion”.

– The idea of global leadership permeates American policy – recognizes Henry Kissinger. – States consider themselves to be not just one of the leaders, and the only leader. Russia of the last century has positioned himself as a defender of the principles of international order, law and justice.

Appealing to his rich experience in dealing with crisis situations, the Patriarch of American diplomacy talked about the fact that our countries need to work together. And finished his speech, Kissinger on a positive note, saying that despite all the difficulties, he looks to the future with optimism.

To the topic of Russian-American relations, the foreign Minister of Russia came back and after a speech of Henry Kissinger. Answering the question about expectations related to the meeting of Putin and trump diplomatic Lavrov gave to understand that it is necessary to assume that the Russian President and his American counterpart in its activities are guided by the national interests of their countries. In this regard, the Minister told of how in January 1996 while working in new York he was together with Henry Kissinger at a dinner in honor of Israeli Minister of defense Ehud Barak. There is someone from the audience asked Kissinger how he refers to the fact that Yevgeny Primakov appointed Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. To which Kissinger replied: “it’s always easier to deal with those who understand our national interests”. Returning to the theme of the upcoming meeting of the leaders of Russia and America on the sidelines of the summit, Sergey Lavrov expressed hope that there will prevail pragmatism, realism, and “the realization that each of our countries their national interests more effectively can provide a “concert” not a solo performance.”

Recovery from listening to called and told Minister Lavrov a joke about Vasily Ivanovicha who were playing cards in Monte Carlo. The one where the partner Vasily Ivanovich said that he had “twenty-one” – and the requirement to show the card said that in a decent society it is accepted to believe in the word. After that Vasily Ivanovich map and go!.. It is clear that the anecdote was told to illustrate the manners, which are guided by some of our partners in their policies. In this connection Sergey Lavrov recalled the famous expression of Ronald Reagan “Trust – but verify”.


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