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Friday, March 16, 2018

“You will find”: the network has a website for calculating Russian protesters

Wednesday in the Internet appeared the website with photos of the participants of uncoordinated protests on Tverskaya 12 June and links to their pages in social networks. The creators of the site directly declare that nothing good protesters don’t Shine. In the description of the portal, the authors write: “give up your hopes, you too will find”, and the name of the project saying: Je suis Maidan (“independence I”), a reference to the slogan Je suis Charlie, which appeared after the execution by the terrorist of the editorial staff of the French magazine, and to the events in Ukraine. As the authors were able to identify the protesters and who are these authors found out “MK”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The answer to the first question the anonymous creators of the site give themselves. The project description States that the identity of the participants in the protest movement used the technology developed two years ago for finding people in social networks. The creators have positioned it as a “Dating app by searching social media person.” However, the application developer Maxim Perlin has said that the company was not involved in the creation of the site.

Who, then, used the service to create website with the faces of protesters? This question of “MK” asked the well-known opposition.

Ilya YASHIN, head of movement “Solidarity”:

“There are no such organizations or politicians who could take over responsibility for this project because it is illegal. I think that it stands for the Center for counteraction to extremism. The mix of the illegality and the technologies that use security services is absolutely their style. At every rally there are dozens of operatives with video cameras; in the past they did not publicly, and now publicly to the people to intimidate (on the testimony of such employees, in particular, is built of the matter of Stanislav Simulta about the attack on the police at the rally on March 26. — “MK”). The task of this project is very simple. They make it clear to the people: Big Brother is watching you, all of you have a pencil…”

Leonid VOLKOV, a political consultant Alexei Navalny:

“Is this some kind of “nashistskih” nonsense. Before the rallies of people too intimidated, saying, “You will shoot street camera, then you will find and put in the detention center”. Information campaigns on allocated budgets. I think that is the next project conditional “Nashi”, some Pro-Kremlin structures. Anyone that can not scare. The people who invented it, don’t understand that most of our supporters do not hide the fact that they go to rallies. On the contrary, they are proud to go to meetings”.

In fairness it should be noted that the “exposure” on the website of Je suis Maidan actually look not so intimidating. Page published information only about 32 people, the authors write that “spent a large amount of work”, “I shoveled a lot of sources” and “dismantled gigabytes of pictures”. And on June 12 rally came hundred or even a thousand people. What amount of work will have to do to recognize others? In addition, the system misfires. Some photos published on the website, was not similar to the profiles in social networks. One of the “recognized” users said that did not participate in the rally. A few hours after the appearance of the service photographs of the alleged participants was removed from the home page.

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