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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The former President of Transnistria escaped across the river, as Ostap Bender

Amazing news coming from Tiraspol — the capital of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. According to the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the PMR Alexander Scherba, former President of the Republic Yevgeny Shevchuk in the night of 28 June was smuggled across the Dniester river on the boat and fled to Moldova. On June 28 at its session, the Parliament of Transnistria was deprived of the ex-President of immunity. Prosecutors want to bring him to justice for misappropriation of national resources: in relation to the policy initiated five criminal cases.

Photo: facebook.com / Yevgeny Shevchuk

According to information posted on his page on Facebook, the Transnistrian Deputy Andrei Safonov, on the eve of the fateful meeting, Shevchuk was awarded all the necessary documents, as by law he is obliged to attend the session during the consideration of this question. However, the former President did not attend the meeting. “According to available information, after receiving the message (about the upcoming meeting) of the Chairman of the Supreme Council Yevgeny Shevchuk in the night, crossed the Dniester river on the boat and departed from the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic”, — said the Deputy speaker of the Parliament Oleksandr Scherba.

Therefore, the Prosecutor of the PMR Anatoly Gorecki on the consent of Parliament for the investigation of Shevchuk and depriving him of immunity was considered by the deputies in the absence of the defendant. The Supreme Council consented to the involvement of the former President to trial on five counts. Shevchuk accused of smuggling, bribery, illegal freezing of 30% of pensions and salaries of state employees, the pardons violations of the law. He is also charged with embezzlement of public funds in especially large sizes. The investigators believe that Shevchuk has created a stabilisation Fund to which a special gas account was transferred about 83 million Transnistrian rubles, i.e. eight million dollars.

Shevchuk accused on the case of the Bendery factory “biochem”. According to parliamentary investigations, the plant was created a criminal corruption scheme, as a result of which the budget of the Republic of damages in the amount of 20 million rubles, and personally Shevchuk was 704 thousand dollars, and the company was forced to stop working.

Today the ex-President Shevchuk announced its version of events. On his Facebook page he called “fiction” the story of the crossing of the Dniester on boats. However, the politician did not deny that is based in Moldova. But, according to him, he left the Republic in a taxi. He explained this by the fact that he was allegedly “ordered”. The customer — the head of the holding “Sheriff” Victor Gushan. “The day before yesterday, following from Tiraspol in the direction of Rybnitsa on the car, drew attention to the fact that I am accompanied by black jeeps — wrote Shevchuk in the social network. — I found out on “hot channels”, these vehicles belong to the staff of the security company “Sheriff”. In addition, I was told that I “ordered” Viktor Gushan and that his “order” prepared by the provocation of my “Troubleshooting.”

— No he is not in danger, — commented on the statements Shevchuk, the Vice-speaker of the Parliament of the PMR Galina antyufeeva. He lived on the territory of Transnistria, none of them don’t hunt. But there are questions from law enforcement. He was invited to the meeting — he could come and say that he is not guilty? Maybe his presence would have changed the opinion of the deputies.

What amount of theft in total can there be?

A total of five counts he is charged approximately $ 100 million. It’s the people’s money! Even for stealing bike man can plant, and then — leader of the country, which robbed his people. I think he needs to answer for it.

Some Transnistrians have already noted to media that the story of the Exodus Shevchuk im reminded of the classics — the famous transition in Romania Ostap Bender. “Tipster” passed the Dniester river somewhere near Tiraspol, in the district of Bender, which was then Romania, as the entire right-Bank Moldova.

Me, she made the not-so-cheerful thought. Some $ 100 million. That’s all. Additional your friends at the CPSU Central Committee, the whole of the Republic were distributed, with millions of people, as estates with serfs. And nothing. All only thank and bow. And then, instead of having to open some “Shevchuk-centre”, BAM! — and criminal case. Still, strange is the people, the Transnistrians. Wrong.


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