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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Found guilty, the defendants Nemtsov listened to the verdict with ill persons

A total of three days it took the jury 12 judges to recognize the five defendants in the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov guilty to the two charges against them. Moreover, none of them, according to most judges, indulgence does not deserve.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We will remind that the verdict of the jury began on Tuesday, June 27. Judging by the vote, on many issues the jury was in disagreement, in addition, they are faced with problems of a technical nature (for example, did not understand your vote).

All this time the Moscow district military court literally was on duty journalists, relatives and advocates. Finally on Wednesday, about 16 hours were all summoned to the hall.

– The verdict is clear and not contradictory, – concluded the Chairman read through a question sheet, which he brought to the Board.

The verdict, as tradition dictates, was read by the jury foreman – the fragile middle-aged woman with a quiet voice.

After the first General question to which the jury gave an affirmative answer became clear – nothing good verdict, the defendants did not promise. So, the jury found all the accused guilty in the murder for hire committed by a group of persons because of the wine Zaur Dadaev proven 10 votes. At the same time for indulgence towards him made 4 the jury. With Anzor Gubashev was even easier – all the jurors unanimously found him guilty, and agreed that his guilt was proved. For leniency voted only one. From sadida Gubareva was only one defender, he did not believe in his guilt, and that his guilt is proved. In addition, one juror was “over” indulgence. On the side of Tamerlane eskerhanova were two jurors. They didn’t believe the result and thought that Eskerkhanov innocent. Apparently, they also called for leniency.

Most of the questions, apparently, the jury emerged with Khamzat by Bakievym, the blame of which, for example lawyers daughter Nemtsov, considered unproven. So, could not agree with the investigation and was confident that the Bahai innocent, four jurors. As many have argued for leniency.

As for the episode on illicit arms trafficking, there has not been without some controversy. So, one juror did not recognize Dadaeva guilty to illegal arms trafficking, as well as three of the judges felt that he deserved leniency. Similarly, one juror was on the side of Anzor Gubashev and his brother Shadid. However, if the leniency Anzor voted by one person, for the indulgence of the Shadid – two. In wine eskerhanova on this episode questioned the three, as many have argued for leniency. At Bagaeva was four supporter.

Usually indifferent or ostentatious fun, the defendants listened to the verdict carefully. In the aquarium, exactly as in the hall, all the while the verdict was read, hung a deathly silence. With every word of the foreman of the jury the defendants face became sad, no one was waving his arms and shouting, as so often happened in the process. However, most saddened by the verdict of their relatives. Wives, brothers and others, who went almost all the meetings was as pale as ever.

It is not excluded that it was most difficult to listen to the verdict Khamzat Bachevo, who had at least some hope.

– The main thing — patience, — patience, – he cheered himself and his wife, the Bahai, coming handcuffed out of the courtroom.

– Stay! – in turn, shouted Dada.

After the verdict, lawyers for the convicted said about mass violations. In turn, the lawyers daughter Nemtsov has declared, that will insist that the crime involved “entourage Kadyrov.” According to the lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, the organizer of the assassination policy is not Ruslan muhudinov, and his boss – Ruslan Eremeev. The whereabouts of the two, recall unknown.

Again, all parties will meet next week on Tuesday. In Mouse will discuss the verdict.

Read the story “the Murder of Nemtsov’s “under the microscope”: the jury found the defendants ‘guilt”

The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov. Chronicle of events

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