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Friday, March 23, 2018

Shooting from a helicopter: in Venezuela, the smell of a military coup

Government crisis in Venezuela, which deteriorated in the spring of this year, continues to grow. Armed supporters of President Nicolas Maduro nearly five hours blocked the building of the National Assembly (Venezuela’s Parliament currently controlled by the opposition). A military helicopter, in turn, shelled the interior Ministry and the Supreme court. The authorities have already stated that the rotary-wing car was stolen and it was police officer Oscar Perez (not yet detained) under investigation in connection with possible ties to the CIA. However, as suggested by the respondents “MK” expert, the exploitation of foreign enemy and other actions of the current leadership of Venezuela will not be able to save the power Maduro.

photo: youtube.com

The conflict of the Venezuelan President and his opponents reached a new level in April this year, when the country was swept by a wave of protests. The reasons were two Supreme court decisions. According to the first, the President was given the right to make changes to the legislation to bypass the National Assembly. The second decision, the court has given itself the powers of Parliament. Thus, Natassembly, who were already at that time under the control of the opposition, in fact, remained out of work.

Though now the authorities and play the card of outside interference, accusing the thief of the helicopter fired on the building of the interior Ministry and the Supreme court, it is no secret that in military circles, the growing power of the Maduro is also not to everyone’s taste. Not good for the President is the fact that the redistribution of powers does not eliminate the most serious socio-economic problems, the culprit whom he considers his opposition.

“The Maduro regime has long been in a state of unstable equilibrium, said in an interview with “MK” the Deputy Director of the Institute of Latin American Academy of Sciences Boris MARTYNOV. Usually comments on this boil down to the factor of falling oil prices. On the one hand, it really played a role. But do not forget that Venezuelan authorities had committed a number of human errors, even during Hugo Chavez. His famous phrase about the fact that cheap oil will no longer be served the country a disservice. Since when was the possibility of export diversification when you need it to do, Venezuela is left 100% dependent on hydrocarbons. When prices fall, they, of course, fell and incomes in the budget, and they directly depended on the welfare of society, especially the poor part, which Chavez wanted to raise. He partially managed to do it, but here a situation, when people received money, virtually nothing is giving.

In addition, the country has experienced a serious split, to cope with which Maduro could not. What was available to the charismatic Chavez (and for Latin American companies personal charisma means a lot), the new President afford not. Maduro, of course, trying to act like Chavez, but he, as we have seen, does not work. There were hopes that he, at least, will justify its name (Maduro translated as “Mature”), but the maturity he showed, and continued to work sweeping, feeding the people with promises and blaming all the failures, including subjective errors, the machinations of imperialism. From time to time this technique works – it is clear that the imperialists RUB their hands in anticipation of the fall of the regime. But now they do not even have to exert effort because in the current state of unstable equilibrium it will not last long, he, unfortunately (because Russia has good relations with Venezuela), is long.

As for the possible scenario of the collapse of the regime, the recent events put certain accents. It is clear that Chavez and Maduro has strongly nurtured, supported the army. But the current actions of the security forces – Wake-up call for the authorities of the country. Another thing is that now the overall situation is not the same as, say, in 1950-1960s direct military coup would be a violation of all democratic norms of the Charter of the Organization of American States, mietenkamerstrasse arrangements, etc.. So obviously will be used a kind of hybrid form. That is, the power will be replaced by the hands of the security forces, but as leader will be delivered by a civilian, will be assigned to a General election… And, of course, this power will be immediately recognized by the United States.”

Watch the video on:
“A police helicopter fired on the building of the Supreme court in Venezuela”



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