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Friday, March 16, 2018

Healthy Russia in the sick imagination

Mr. President, I received the offer from your friend Nikita Mikhalkov. He recommends to take hundreds of young people arrested at an unsanctioned rally at a stadium, where you will personally teach them sense. Great idea. Although, when arrested for a political protest by the hundreds dumped into the stadium, comes to mind is not football, and the stadium in Santiago (Chile), turned into a concentration camp for 40 thousand opponents of the regime.

photo: Alex geldings

MIKHALKOV (on the radio “Kommersant-FM”). I am convinced that the young need to speak. That took 500 people after an unsanctioned rally (12 June 2017). Then I gathered them at the stadium, it came to the President and said, “Guys, so and so and so.” The government should talk to these people quietly, on the facts proving to them where they are wrong. But if rightness is, then how can you fix what don’t like.

Now, Mr. President, is what a real filmmaker. He is not only setting up, but your speech is composed. You have to learn with the tone of statesmanship to say, “Guys, so and so and so,” and Mikhalkov will remove this movie and will show for the money. (We do not remember that he ever revealed.)

Of course there are some rough edges. So, it is necessary first to arrest and then to talk. Of course, with arrested to speak easier than with free. In this case, the freedom is worse than lack of freedom. And whether it is convenient for you, the President of Russia, to fix something with the prisoners? Perhaps here it is necessary to think through.

Before you make the radio such a proposal, Mikhalkov said that the Tver youth June 12 went to beat the police. Here are his words about the struggle with the shortcomings in Russia:

MIKHALKOV. The struggle is not to send minor children to beat the police, then to bend your life. But not children. These are absolutely ignorant and not understanding what they are doing, but for the sake of the drive, for the sake of the thrill to rush on the police, and then to, God forbid, any of them one was wounded or, God forbid, killed, is a heinous crime. But this is what we are pushing.

Mr. President, this is what happened. Someone sent thousands of children to beat the police. I would like to understand the current picture of the world in the imagination Mikhalkov and those who believe him or think the same.

To send, it is necessary first to convince. So the youth went to beat the police, it must be agreed in advance.

So here’s the deal. First conspired to tens of thousands. It takes time, at least a day.

Police found out about it, but not scattered, not hiding! No, they are wearing helmets, vests, knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, picked up batons and other special equipment, drove the paddy — all was prepared.

And when the children came in the end to beat the police, then hesitated. They are without weapons came, no clubs, t-shirts, even without the caps — just with a bare head.

In short, to beat the guards the children. Well had to do the police? Not in vain did it with the with Rana there waiting. Hungry, angry, after a holiday — Day of Russia. What’s not to celebrate? As not beat collusion enemies (even if they don’t attack)? The instructions are simple: cheek to cheek will perennou, face rastvorov, anus to nose bent.

Mr. President, maybe your friend Mikhalkov (master of battle scenes and trick photography) took for you a special individual movie as children on Tverskaya beat the police. But life on the occasion of the day of Russia it was the opposite. Add — and you as the athlete that will be clear — there was not any martial arts. It wasn’t fair. One boy rushed four, five, six guards, wringing his hands, beaten with batons, dragged on the asphalt and on the tiles…

If children who went to beat the police, Mikhalkov said on the same day, June 12, it would be possible to assume that he was someone naveshali noodles on the ears, and he with enthusiasm, with passion, is still characteristic of this artist, repeated. But he said this on June 24, almost two weeks later, when everything was already known. Already the police have written in their protocols, where there is no arrest for the beatings inflicted by the guards. Have video full: all the same — a group of guards rushes for one. Lacking a striker and attacking itself defenseless.

Can anyone Mikhalkov called a liar. And formally this is the truth, because what he says is the opposite to what happened in reality. But we Mikhalkov liar won’t call, because he sincerely believes in what he says; his mind is a reality. You could say he fanatically believes in his own words. And fanatic no minutes, no video I can not convince — he is a fanatic.

To see the reality of the youth, which on June 12 came in the end to beat the police, it was impossible. People came for a different purpose, was unarmed and did not attack. It’s not “majors with phones”, not bugs, not Cleaver and others like him, the sick Nazism. This is a healthy Russia. Mikhalkov or imagined, or he had somebody uttered nonsense, and he believed it.

…We would not have you to write about fantasies Mikhalkov, his delusions (perhaps sincere), if not the idea that you, Mr. President, can this happen: someone will utter, and you believe it. And then if the stadium will be unhappy citizens, talking with them will not be you but someone else. And different.

Watch the video on:
“Detention in Tver”



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