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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Barak and Putin: the President of Udmurtiya has entered the role of a magician

Vladimir Putin on Tuesday took the role of “the magician in the blue helicopter” from the famous children’s song. Arriving in Izhevsk birthday Anastasia Votintseva, welcome to the “Straight line” to an intolerable life in emergency barracks, the President brought with him a bouquet, a certificate for a rest in Sochi, and most importantly – a promise to the end of the year to relocate the woman, her children and neighbors in new housing. So miracles do happen, especially if the yard is an election year.

photo: kremlin.ru

In Izhevsk, Vladimir Putin first decided to make good on your promise to “Straight line”, and visit the resident Anastasia Votintseva living in emergency barracks. For almost 20 years in power, the President, of course, has seen many things, but in this case, could not help but shudder. A woman, her three children and sister live in squalid one-room apartment with a three-meter kitchen. Local authorities, by signing his own impotence, for the arrival of the GDP do not even have to make repairs – only the patched holes on the ladder and removed the wiring, because otherwise the stay of the President in the emergency room would be unsafe.

But so many Russians live. And not only in Izhevsk. Hearing the promise that the President live gave Anastasia, citizens living in similar conditions in other regions of the country, literally filled the woman of letters in the hope that she will give them to Putin. According to conservative estimates of the Ministry of construction, dilapidated housing is currently home to nearly 800 thousand of Russians, according to experts – not less than 5 million.

The problem of all the needy Vladimir Putin in one fell swoop to solve, of course, could not. But Anastasia and her neighbors have been incredibly lucky. The President ordered to relocate 11 families living in Izhevsk barracks until the end of 2017. And Anastasia and her sister, the local authorities at the request of the head of state needs to allocate two separate apartments in the same house.

“Incredibly lucky” and acting Governor of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov. In contrast to the head of the Moscow region, faced with the need for its own resources to close a large dump in Balashikha money to implement the instructions of the President to look for it will have: they will allocate from the Reserve Fund.

And with the other inhabitants agree on the relocation, whatever you like. Only by force do not – suddenly woke up the President, obviously remembering what happened to the plans for the renovation of housing in the capital. But he was worried, of course, nothing compared to the barracks of Izhevsk Moscow five-story building – they look like real palaces. Many local residents moved in they would not hesitate even for a second…

Poor Anastasia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from joy, but the surprises were not over. Since Putin’s visit coincided with her birthday without a bouquet and gift of the GDP, of course, could not do. Taking from the hands of the assistant red folder, the President said that it is a certificate for the whole family to Sochi.

– Hurray! – enthusiastically and directly yelled the kids, We have never been there!

– Today, you – my greatest gift, – admitted the head of state birthday girl, and to doubt the sincerity of her words was not necessary. Such a gift, really, give a once in a lifetime.

But at a thank you tea gatherings Vladimir Putin didn’t have time. It has long been waited for in the main company of the concern “Kalashnikov”, which the President invariably visits when it is in the Udmurt Republic. The head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov reported that Western sanctions have had a positive impact on the export potential of the largest manufacturer of small arms. The portfolio of the company reached $ 300 million is six times more than before the sanctions. Of course, the “Kalashnikov” has lost its main foreign market – the us. But the Holy place is, as they say, is never empty: the civilian and service arms of the group are happy to buy in Asian countries and the middle East. According to Chemezov, by 2018, the defense enterprises will be able to fully replace the Ukrainian military products, and to 2020-mu – to learn to produce parts and equipment previously purchased in the NATO countries. In General, in the case of the domestic defense industry is clearly better than with the resettlement of dilapidated housing.

Especially proud of the plant a new generation of artists and innovators, to whom he was introduced to the President. To design weapons, as did their famous countryman Mikhail Kalashnikov, children and students still early, but their civil of the invention – in particular, the system, correcting posture, and smart beehive heated – impressed Putin. “So the bees have completely forgotten how to work,” he joked.

Saying goodbye to Brechalov, the President once again reminded him of the main task of the upcoming election campaign (the fall in the Udmurt Republic, elections of the Governor) – to deal with the problem of dilapidated housing.

– Don’t mean to be a Downer, but with the barracks, sort things out, okay? – persistently asked of the GDP. Brechalov assured that this matter is under his personal control, but in General the situation in the Udmurt Republic, despite opposition, remains calm. Attempts to hold a protest on 12 June, he said, has not found support from the inhabitants, who took great pleasure in celebrated the Day of Russia.

“Straight line” Putin 2016. Chronicle of events

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