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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The latest torpedoes “Fizik” show in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg on June 28 opens naval salon, where in spite of the hype about anti-Russian sanctions, will feature products from 49 foreign companies. Only in the Northern capital will arrive more than 400 foreign experts.

photo: youtube.com

As stated at a press conference on Monday the Deputy Director of FSMTC of Russia Aleksey Frolkin, “twenty-one unit boats will be presented at the pier of the Marine station”. It will be the corvettes, patrol ships, air cushion vehicle, production of which in Russia is scheduled to resume.

Among the most interesting samples of naval equipment presented at the nautical salon, Alexey Rakhmanov called deep-sea torpedo “Physicist” in the export version.

Deep-water homing torpedo “Physicist” is already in service with the Russian Navy. The range of firing of 50 km and a Speed of about 60 knots. It is equipped with strategic nuclear missile submarines of project 955 “Borey” and attack nuclear submarines of project 885 “Ash”.

According to a source the defense Ministry, increasing the release of these torpedoes will be re-armed and other submarines of the Navy, and “the Navy acquires the torpedo “with great pleasure”. The source also explained that “a Physicist” will replace the old torpedo USET-80 with an unreasonably small range of 18 km, adopted on arms in the Soviet era, in the 80 — ies. “A torpedo USET-80 had previously received, and the most advanced nuclear submarines, transferred to the Navy in recent years, in particular the first “Northwind” — “Yuri Dolgoruky” and the first “Ash” — “Severodvinsk”. Now they will get rid of it” – he said.

So what is torpedo “Physicist”?

She laid onto the target using dual homing. In addition, the course of the torpedo can also be managed and by cable. Another advantage of “Physics” is that as a mover it uses waterjets, not propellers, which significantly reduces the noise.

Some experts believe that the torpedoes “Fizik” too late with the advent of the Russian Navy. Its development began in 1986. And it’s not so much the problems of the defense industry in the 90-ies, but rather that it was installed without electric and heat engine on a single component liquid fuel. After the death in 2000 of a submarine “Kursk”, the Navy has established a strong distrust of this type of units, as to the torpedoes of this type is the legendary “fat torpedo” caliber 650 mm — kit 65−76A. According to one version, the tragedy on “Kursk” – submarine was armed with these torpedoes occurred because of diversion of its fuel.

Most experts, however, disagree. But entrenched in the Navy superstition, long hampered the progress of the project “Physicist”, although the torpedo had excellent characteristics. It was first shown at the salon in 2003, and took arms only in 2015.

However, now the situation has changed in recent years, the Russian torpedo armament was updated rapidly and on the basis of universal deep-water homing torpedoes “Fizik” already created a new modification, which is called “Case”. Her trials were held in Kyrgyzstan on lake Issyk-Kul.

Detailed specs for security reasons have not been disclosed. But from open sources it is known that in the modernized version it used thermal propulsion system TPS-53, which increases the cruising range of up to 60 km and at speeds up to 65 knots. In gas turbine engine “Case” is used liquid fuel Otto-fuel, allowing to develop the capacity of 800 kW. This means that the Sheath is superior in speed the most powerful torpedo of the U.S. Navy Mark 48, the maximum speed of 60 knots, and range Mark 48 inferior to our “Case” 10 km.

It is planned that the Navy “Box” will arrive in 2018.


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