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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Over the basin hung a radiation threat

Donbass, destroyed by war, faced the new threat. At the fore of environmental issues. In fights near Gorlovka is broken one of the water mains with drinking water, water fills the closed mines, at the same time in a nearby phenol plant stopped pumping and cleaning of dirty water from the overflowing storage of chemical wastes. There is also a risk of leakage of radioactive substances from the capsule on the site of an underground nuclear explosion.

photo: pixabay.com

The main pain point now is around the long-suffering Gorlovka. Fighting going on near the outskirts of the city, in which, besides the chemical giant Stirol, there is still a closed state-owned chemical plant, presumably produced in the Soviet era explosives. Now there’s a “semi-underground” vaults are 300 thousand tons of chemical waste.

Opposite of Horlivka in Torect (formerly Dzerzhinsk), another giant of the Soviet chemical – phenol plant. Among particularly hazardous chemical production is a hot sector of the front line. Last week it broke the powerful branch of the water main, the break with water and noticed the boat, even before it was discovered by inspectors of the company “Water of Donbass”.

As a result, every day about 15 thousand cubic meters goes into the ground. And under the earth has flooded due to fighting two of the local mines – imeni Artema and “South”. They were cut off because of attacks, spontaneously filled with water and mine gas out of the ground now is displaced up into the basements of the houses. Mines in these places all have bows and if the water somewhere, and rises and floods the nearby mountain and fields. Next to an abandoned mercury mine in Nikitovka, deposits of dirty chemistry in Gorlovka, phenol plant in Turecka. The Donbass war zone reminiscent of a good cheese for 200 years, all pitted to a complete change of the geological situation.

The Ukrainian side of the JCCC (Joint centre for control and coordination of questions of ceasefire) made a statement about the possible man-made disaster – abandoned mines every day fills on top of drinking water, phenolic plant is about to burst the dam on the drive dirty waste, where the pump ceased to pump out water for cleaning.

“Today, in this artificial reservoir were nearly 33 000 tonnes of liquid waste containing phenol, naphthalene, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, petroleum products and other chemical compounds formed in the process of operation of the company explained in a statement SCCC – Overflow slurry tank can lead to the destruction of the dam, and then the poison would rush to the nearest village in Novgorod, and then gets into the crooked river End, and then into the Seversky Donets, which is one of the few sources of drinking water for the entire Luhansk and parts of Donetsk region”.

By the way, the Seversky Donets river carries its waters in the neighboring Rostov oblast, South Russian breadbasket. On the Siversky Donets river in Luhansk region is the front line, routine work at treatment facilities, however.

On a weekend in Yenakiyevo on polytechinic people’s Assembly were employees of the famous “nuclear” mine imeni Yunykh Kommunarov (“Yunkom”). The fact that the neighboring “Uncommon” mine “Poltava” and “Enakievskiy” June 30 decision of the relevant Ministry of the DPR will be disconnected from the electricity and put on the “wet conservation”, that is, their flood planning. But “Income” since 1979, remained dry capsule with a diameter of 29 meters on the site of an underground nuclear explosion. Filled it with water from strontium and cesium. And generations of residents of the neighboring Donetsk region and the village of Winecommune grew up with the idea that “radiation cannot be flooding”. Now inevitably the water from the flooded mines will go in the “Yunkom”. The head of administration of Winecommune Irina Reutova as could calmed the people: “the Closure of the mine “Yunkom” inevitable consequences experts calculate that this process does not stop. Capsule concreted, she’s in a special niche, on the way to her two jumpers on the depth of one kilometer. Experts say that when there will be flooding of the capsule, nothing bad will happen. Studies show that everything will be fine!”. It remains to believe the experts and just believe. In God.


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