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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Girls are different

Mr. President, just in “Artek” you taught us journalism. While talking you with a girl, but your words immediately become a guide for adults. For example, you in a Straight line comforting the poor child, and the governors are already rushing to build hospitals, to give the apartment… Here’s your lesson, your instructions to the press:

PUTIN. What are the criteria to assess the events, I think, is very important. Maybe the most important thing. And to make it not hurt those against whom they (journalists) write their stories.

photo: Alex geldings

Further, the reports States: “the Girl agreed with the President.”

The girl, of course, well done, well-mannered, but we’re not girls (I mean, not the children), we immediately had questions for the teacher, to you. Most importantly — how to write to make it not hurt those of whom…

Resentment individual. Someone publicly called a thief, he doesn’t care. The other submits to the court the claim about protection of honor and dignity, is only to question the scientific value of his thesis.

When Russia began to lead a tandem very soon it became clear that the front part of the criticism of not paying attention and rear — terribly touchy.

Touchy officials (and we are just about them) know very well, who can be offended and who is not. How many times have you publicly carried a very important chiefs (Ministers, governors) — no one was offended. And so, and syak, and respiratory and pihatelnye, and they are cute smile.

Try some journalist in a local newspaper to hurt the Governor. The offense will be big. Unable to drive, to beat, to kill. But if the same will say the Federal TV station, the Governor was not offended, on the contrary — say thank you. Remember, Mayakovsky:

Criticism from below is poison.
Top — this is a cure!
Well, can l let Nizam, in a row,
All! — deal with criticism?!

* * *

Mr. President, looking like a girl you explain the principle of operation of the press, we got worried: suddenly you will again say your favorite wording: “Power, like a man should try, and the press, as a woman, must resist”. Whether it’s you, thank God, did not say whether it was not included in the reports — do not know.

To teach girls to resist this is very true. But in your formula the power, sorry, looks like the rapist who tries, despite the fact that the woman resists.

You repeat this joke for years, and the result is obvious. The authorities increasingly trying, and the press is weaker resists. Even almost does not resist, lying, eyes closed…

…If the country has at least one person who you can not criticize, the press dies. Because that person always have childhood friends, classmates, classmates, colleagues. Very quickly understand that these friends, too, to criticize dangerous to take offense, sue, ruin, thank you, not kill. So you personally have to criticize at least in order to keep the press has died completely. But without the press and the country may come kirdyk. So we are also trying, although the government strongly resists.

Here is an example. You constantly beg to solve the problem of garbage. You mentioned several times that this is a criminal subject, spinning billions, full of illegal dumps, not find guilty. At a recent Direct line, you promised to save Balashikha.

The WOMAN (a resident of Balashikha). Message to You — the last hope!

PUTIN. The question is very painful and difficult… the decision on construction of waste treatment plants. In their first stage will be five, four of them in the Moscow region. By the way, it’s a good technology, Japanese, in my opinion, Hitachi, and will build our company rostec. We have to do it as quickly as possible.

Mr. President, journalistic duty requires us to say: this is a bad plants, bad technology.

Plants that decided to build near Moscow (4 pieces) and Kazan (one) produce a very dangerous poison. In the language of the officials he is called “bottom ash”, but in fact it is disease and death.

In Europe refused from such plants. Four Moscow plan to burn 2.8 million tons of garbage per year. It will remain 900 thousand tons of toxic ash. This ash must be buried in special burial grounds. They are repeatedly more expensive than landfills, where dumping regular trash. Whether respected technology? It does not follow, when placed asphalt, and what is easier. And the construction of factories and burial will be broken all that we have violated everywhere and anywhere: the quality of materials, quality of work.

In addition, the burning of it turns out fine dust that the factory filters (very expensive) somehow catch, and the finest dust, against which the filter is powerless. In this dust — dioxin — a lethal poison affecting including genetics, it does not decompose ever, he will poison people for thousands of years. He gets in the air, in the water. We breathe, we drink, will be born freaks…

We wrote to you about this letter: “the Golden shit” (“MK” April 25, 2016), “Citizens, air RAID!” (“MK” March 19, 2017). Don’t believe us — ask the environmentalists. Don’t believe the environmentalists — ask the scouts. Let them spy methods find out why European countries have abandoned these factories, which are now Hitachi is ready to sell us, as they say, 25 billion rubles apiece.

In addition to the earth and the atmosphere, they will poison the economy: the garbage will be “Golden” (to recoup costs). In addition, these plants will produce electricity while we have it and now excess. Garbage electricity will be significantly more expensive than the current, but we are forced to buy…

Mr. President, let’s see who is promoting these “ideas”, who are the owners, who and how to divide the market sells junk. The market, through the criminal, in your own words.

…In “Artek” you have taught children proper journalism. You, of course, the poor won’t. But when you say that the press must write so that not to offend, unwittingly feel Ivan the fool, whom the king had commanded: go there — do not know where, bring it — don’t know what.

“Straight line” Putin 2016. Chronicle of events

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