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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Children told Putin that he did at the winery in the Crimea

Vladimir Putin is very fond of children. He has already held a few events in pediatric subjects, recorded a video message to the graduates of schools, and last weekend visited the largest and most prestigious camp in the country — “Artek”. In the course of communication with the tourists it turned out shocking the President the details: it turns out that the Artek campers regularly visit the closest winery.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

To tell Vladimir Putin about the current state and prospects of development of the camp, about the layout was the Director Alexey Kasprzhak, social Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and presidential aide Andrei Fursenko. They take turns pushing the buttons, and colored light bulbs showed how it will look in “Artek” in a year, two, five. Especially pleasing to officials distant prospect, when the capacity of the main resorts now our country will increase from the current 3,300 children per shift up to 10 thousand.

You have no idea what happened here in 2014 — sadly pursed lips Olga Golodets — abandoned area, unsanitary living conditions. Everything is just awful.

Of course, the President in this cesspool no luck (the last time GDP was in “Artek” in 2004 together with Leonid Kuchma), before his complete transformation in the next three years here has been completely renovated 280 sq m of space, that is, almost all of the available real estate, 23 km of roads and 19 km of engineering networks.

— Is it true that 3 billion of their money at the request of the President invested in the revival of “Artek” Rotenberg? — asked eager to the hottest news reporters.

— This is not my information — again pursed her lips Golodets. However, this time not sad, but rather reproachfully. But in the end it turned out that big business actually participates in the support of the resorts, but not directly, but indirectly through the sports Federation, headed by many well-known businessmen.

While dressed in a motley squadron form the Artek campers went to their spots, where they after some time waiting for a meeting with the President, the weather is not that happy, but not scared. The hot sun and then pushed through sparse clouds, forcing the guys to get out of pockets caps and waistcoats. (Golodets said that hats as a souvenir they are allowed to take home, while the rest of the form is erased and issued to the members of the new shift.) However, as soon as Putin’s motorcade pulled up at the gate, the clouds turned black and they fell down big drops.

— Well, just the rain man, did not someone.

— Trend, nodded Andrey Fursenko and started to remember how he 22 Jun wet with Putin to shirts.

— Who the Protocol is responsible for forecasts? — connected to the popular theme of the guards.

However, this time Vladimir Putin to sacrifice their comfort did not (not the case) and the awning came under a large umbrella, which always exists in the tuple.

The weather favors! — joked the Director of the camp.

— You think so? — seriously asked the President, but the program did not change. Yes, and how to change things when the children are waiting!

With special impatience waited for the President of the boy Michael, who had a birthday. All of his friends have already eaten and left the dining room, and he sat before a plate of cold soup, preparing for the moment that, according to leaders, will remember for a lifetime. Really, are there many in the world these lucky ones? In Crimea for sure he is one. Finally it happened: GDP approached the Mike, congratulated and wished a pleasant appetite. Cold soup (and a huge cake prepared by the chefs of the Artek) finally can eat with a clear conscience.

Further in the program explore the camp included visiting workshops, where the President fed pancakes and gave painted Khokhloma globe. In addition, the President was shown the living conditions of modern Artek campers, and took on training in mini-football. Of course, children were asked in advance not to look like robots and behave more naturally. However, when the jubilant crowd of young athletes, leave the balls, rushed towards Putin, adults, realized that I was wrong.

— Don’t crowd the President! — in the voice told the guards.

However, after escaping from the clutches of one group of the Artek campers, GDP voluntarily surrendered to the other, waiting for him in the gazebo. However, meaningful conversation, unfortunately, did not happen. Most kids just informed about where they came from and what results it has achieved.

— And who gave you the free tickets? — clearly without intent to harm the President asked. The pioneers tarried: apparently, in all of their counselors are not privy to.

— The state, Mr Putin told Fursenko, 95% of babies come to “Artek” for free vouchers from the state.

Finally, one of the girls said that the Artek campers often taken out for excursions to the Livadia Palace, Botanical gardens and Massandra.

And in Yalta, what are you doing at the winery? — jokingly asked Putin and, as it turned out, was spot on. “Yes!” — shouted the children.

— Alex, I looked at the camp Director’s GDP — what are you doing with the kids at the winery?

Last shift we were visited Artek resident who was here on 9 may 1945, he is now 87 years old, started from afar, Kasprzak, and he said that remember may 9 for the taste of white Muscat of the red stone. Because all the pioneers it then poured…

You know what, Alex, — with indignation interrupted the President, we are almost all athletes, we like the taste of jelly, juice and yogurt, and Butternut stone you really do eat there… (Later the Director explained that the children there only to collect the harvest, but in no case do not drink wine.)

Smart girl Tanya from Donetsk hastened to turn the conversation to another subject and told about a tour he just had to like for the construction of the Kerch bridge. “Amazing trip!” — boasted of it.

— Haven’t done the bridge, but I’m sure complete, — said the President. — By the way, I know what I remember? We in Kerch last year promised to restore the ladder (Mitridat. — “MK”). I want the head of the Crimea to ask: what is happening?

Next year work will begin, — reported Sergey Aksenov.

You see, last year made the decision, and for a year only is developed proyektno-budget documentation, — disappointedly said GDP. The air smelled of another “dump from the heading” which after a recent meeting in the Kremlin became a meme that demonstrates how they do in Russia important issues. But Aksyonov had passed. Immediately run and repair the stairs Putin told him, agreeing to wait until next year.

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