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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Gold party”: with what message Putin will go to elections

The main focus of the presidential campaign in 2018 will be made on “justice”, “respect” and “trust”. It is reported by RBC with reference to the source. And while Vladimir Putin has not announced his participation in the “race”, all the plans are typeset under it. As noted by the interlocutor of the edition, the choice fell on these three words is not accidental. According to him, “in society there is a demand for justice, people want to be respected, and the government must enjoy the confidence of citizens.” What really want the Russians, “MK” asked the leader of the movement “New Russia” Nikita Isaev.

photo: kremlin.ru

The idea of using “justice”, “respect” and “trust” as an ideological concept is not new. They were filled with the President’s address to the Federal Assembly on 1 December 2016. Rumor has it that this move was invented first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko.

Meanwhile, by words a press-Secretary of Putin, Dmitry Peskov, “there are no plans,” campaign no.

We will remind, Vladimir Putin has not yet given an answer about his participation in the presidential elections in 2018. However, according to the source RBC, all the plans developed under it.

What can stop Putin in the presidential election, “MK” asked the leader of the movement “New Russia” Nikita Isaev.

– To prevent Putin to go to the polls may perhaps only dialogue with the consolidated West willing to ease external pressures in exchange for changing the form of government and political regime in Russia. However, apparently, such a dialogue is never started. Yes, and it will be possible not earlier than in 2018, when geopolitical confrontation will reach its peak. Therefore, the results of the election no doubt: President if he will run, Putin will remain. That’s just the current thesis will go to the polls only some pensioners-voters. And the same “going to fight old men” – candidates. Plus, as always the volunteer force going to vote state employees. And young people and all others will remain at home for lack of alternatives. And continue cooking (yet, but increasingly draws up in a more radical protest, criticism). Putin is now no real competition. Trust rating of any other politician does not go to any comparison with Putin’s rating. According to VTSIOM, Putin’s trust rating of 48.1%, and the second is Shoigu with a confidence level of 18.4%. The Bulk and is 1.2% of the trust.

– How do You rate the accents of the presidential campaign? How are they relevant now? Or people want something else?

– Formulated thesis is clearly inadequate. They are boring and not modern. This “rotten soup”, which not only meets the needs of the notorious “creative class,” but all the people wanting justice. And all continue to be force-fed through a tube the story of a savage conservatism. If the election campaign and the image of the presidential candidate will be based solely around these ideas, the results of the elections will cause many suspicions and questions as to be honest they passed.

The key word in the election campaign is trust. As it is now with the trust of the people in power?

– Concepts of justice, respect and trust, unfortunately, we have heavily discounted. They are going with each scene, and they were not worth anything. Even some unpopular party use them in their names. People do not trust government as a whole, but only one person – Vladimir Putin. According to polls, trust in government is at historically low levels – about 25%, and the Duma and does 22%, although not so long ago there were more – 40%. So the Putin’s performance with its 48% out of competition. And without execution given by the President of the orders and decrees of this trust to the government institutions not to return.

– What do you need power to regain the trust of Russians?

– Contemporary abstracts should be based on the construction of a new country, a new smart economy (since I came up with this name – use), a new political system and support for young people. And abstracts must be backed by real new programs and plans of transformation of the economy instead of the may decrees, in which few people believe. The important point of the election should be a high turnout, but under the current thesis may nominate only those who are over 70. And these plans are extremely dangerous. Spin doctors, if we are talking about efficiency, will have to work on these theses, or rather, completely rewrite them. People need a new country, new economy, new political system. It is obvious that there is a request to update the image of the future.

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