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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin is the biggest ship in the world launched the “Turkish stream”

On Friday in the Black sea began construction of the deep-sea part of the pipeline “Turkish stream”: for the waters of it’s the biggest ship in the world, the rent of which is worth 300 thousand euros a day – the Swiss ship-pipelayer “the Pioneer”, which was visited by Vladimir Putin.

According to the plans, in 2019, Russia will supply Turkey and southern Europe 33 billion cubic meters of gas additionally. However, in what direction will “the second line” intended for European consumers – yet the intrigue.

photo: kremlin.ru

The ship-pipelayer Pioneering Spirit.

On Board the helicopter, which arrived Vladimir Putin, “the Pioneer” looks like a piece of rock, which some unknown force has thrown into the open sea. No joke: this is the largest ship in the world having a length of nearly 400 and a width of more than 120 meters.

When it relocated from the Netherlands to the Black sea, the Turks had several hours to completely block the Bosphorus. It is noteworthy that originally the ship was named father of the owner of a shipbuilding company – “Peter Shelte”, however, when the public learned that in 1942 was an SS officer, had to find a replacement. “The pioneer” or in English “Pioneering Spirit” sounds neutral and at the same time, pompously, in this case, absolutely justified. Nothing like Vladimir Putin is not exactly seen. Here even smells like an expensive hotel, not to mention noiseless elevators, éclairs coffee and containers for separate waste collection.

However, before proceeding to the vehicle inspection, the President went to his cabin below the line communication line to congratulate you on the beginning of construction of the pipeline his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to head “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, the Turks literally dreaming when it comes to Russian gas. Already, the share of our fuel in the Turkish market is 53%, YTD shipments rose by 2.6 billion cubic meters.

– Hello, Mr. President! – shouted into the phone GDP – I’m calling you from laying in the Black sea. Our projects develop as fast as they do not develop with many other partners. Where with others it takes us years to various administrative approvals, with Turkey we are doing it within a few months.

Putin recalled that the agreement on the construction of “Turkish stream” was signed in the fall of 2016, and now, after only 7 months of work already underway.

Pleased Erdogan, the President went to the captain’s cabin, where was able to look into the “womb” of the construction giant. Many screens showed images of pipes, welding machines and other fancy equipment around which bustled dressed in elegant uniforms of the staff (the ship serve about 600 people of different nationalities).

– Well, let’s go! – said Putin, and welding the first line of Turkish stream started. Just “Pioneer” will be laid under the Black sea 937 km of pipes, which in Turkey will come 15.75 billion cubic meters of blue fuel annually. According to Alexei Miller, the penetration rate ranges from 3.5 to 5 km per day. However, the first pipe went into the depths of the sea somehow had a unlucky number “13”. But on the ship in bad omens do not believe.

As for the second line, its fate is not completely defined. It is not excluded that in the future “Turkish stream” will become “Southern”.

About his intentions to return to the project, buried by the EU in 2014, already has publicly stated Bulgaria: Prime Minister of this country went to Germany to enlist the support of Angela Merkel and the President discussed prospects for the resumption of gas cooperation with President Vladimir Putin. “For” a return to the old route of the gas pipeline from the Black sea to Bulgaria – are advocating Serbia, Hungary and Austria, which in this situation is becoming a major gas hub.

Otherwise, “second thread” will go through Turkey to Greece, making the main beneficiary of Erdogan, and that in Europe, finally quarreling with the Turkish leader, now nobody wants.

For Russia, the second pipeline towards Bulgaria would also be beneficial. Despite public fraternization, relations with Turkey remain unpredictable and get into long-term dependency on Erdogan clearly not in the interests of the Kremlin.

In addition, a return to the old route will avoid making edits in contracts with European consumers. And distribute Russian gas across southern and South-Eastern Europe from Bulgaria because of the availability of appropriate infrastructure will be much easier than from Greece.

However, as has been said many times Vladimir Putin for a final decision on the resumption of the “South stream” Russia will demand from the EU “concrete guarantees”.

With extreme anxiety the results of the closed negotiations of Russia and Europe , for obvious reasons, waiting in Ukraine. Today, when Russian gas flows via overland routes, Kiev receives good dividends for transit. But the construction of the “South”, and eventually “Nord stream-2” will deprive Ukraine of a reliable financial source which is difficult to compensate. (According to preliminary estimates, in the case of the implementation of both projects losses for the Ukrainian budget will amount to 2 billion dollars a year). So the Kiev authorities are struggling to convince European officials that the sea gas pipeline is a political project with no economic benefit. However, the gas monopoly such arguments I consider ridiculous – only rent supersun costs 300 thousand euros per day.

Neutral and pragmatic Swiss, living in parallel political squabbles dimension, in turn, say they don’t care what direction the country lay in the Black sea gas pipe. The owner of “Trailblazer” Edward Heerema, the cost of its construction is 3 billion euros, after the departure of Vladimir Putin personally pushed the starving journalists sandwiches. You can imagine in this role Alexey Miller?


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