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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump between two fires: what threatens Russia with new sanctions of the USA

So, the new us sanctions against Russia. What happens to these sanctions on top U.S. power? The white house is trying to lobby Republicans to the house of representatives that they weakened the law on sanctions adopted by a large majority in the Senate. (The vote in the Senate was held last week.)

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The Senate adopted new sanctions against Russia alleged that she intervened in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States. The purpose of the Senate to have Congress to block any moves in the future President trump, aimed at removing any sanctions against Moscow.

On Capitol hill trying to block a possible veto trump, which would be from the point of view of congressmen are politically very dangerous. Do not forget that trump is burdened by all sorts of investigations carried out in connection with his potential relationship with Moscow.

The Republicans of the house of representatives in relation to Russia usually act like hawks. But they now face a difficult choice.

Last Tuesday, Congressman Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, made the alleged procedural objections to sanctions, which in fact can stop them continued in the house of representatives and require their revision.

But on Capitol hill there is however, bipartisan support for the adoption of tougher sanctions against Russia for its intervention in the elections of 2016. As consider in Washington, the desire for tough sanctions to reinforce personal dislike of members of Congress to Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, it is unclear whether the White house to get enough support in Congress to change this. Democrats are increasing pressure on their Republican colleagues to quickly vote for the bill, which formally is a package strapped to the sanctions against Iran, voted in the Senate last week. (97 for, 2 against).

“I hope we don’t flatten these sanctions, says member of the house of representatives Iliana ROS-Lehtinen, a Republican from Florida and a former Chairwoman of the foreign Affairs Committee. — We need to keep these sanctions hard as possible. But I still don’t know how lucky we will be”.

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer said on Tuesday that the administration is not ready to take a formal position against the bill. Here comes the question: will trump impose on this document of veto when it arrives on his Desk.

According to the newspaper “new York times”: the highest administrative ranks say they are very concerned about. They insist that it is not trying to weaken the anti-Russian sanctions. They were allegedly more worried about the fact that the legislature is trying to usurp the power of the President, taking such sanctions against Moscow. In their opinion, the adoption of tough measures against Russia crippled as the international coalition that supports the current sanctions. Moreover, the adoption of new stricter sanctions against Russia can be taken as unwillingness to release them in exchange for “good behavior” of Moscow.

From the circles of the White house are information about what the President would like the hands of lawmakers to change the Capitoline process that allows the Senate and the house of representatives to block the presidential steps on the lifting of sanctions against Russia. The same applies to his attempts to circumvent these sanctions.

Last week, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson warned legislators against establishing new sanctions, arguing that such sanctions could undermine the administration’s efforts to open new diplomatic channels with Russia.

Position trompowsky administration are not unique. Presidents who had the power, proceeding from the law on international economic power, giving them the right to unilaterally impose sanctions against threats to national security. The Congress, which can impose sanctions by legislation typically insists on this path, claiming that it is in line with similar decisions of the government.

President Barack Obama had just such disputes with Congress about sanctions against Russia. In 2015, Obama clashed with legislators about the laws that gave Congress the power to consider a nuclear agreement with Iran, the former then in the negotiation process, and to block attempts of the President to lift the sanctions in exchange for concessions by Tehran.

But for the President to trump all these clashes with Congress is more complicated, as I mentioned, a number of investigations for his possible ties with Russia and his very sharp response to the investigation undertaken in connection with the removal of James Comey as Director of FBI. “The Obama administration would take the same position as the administration of the trump in the current situation. But it’s not only politics, but also the usual confrontation between the Executive and legislative authorities regarding sanctions,” says mark Dubowitz, an expert on sanctions, which is the head of the Fund for the protection of democracy.

He Dubowitz supports the strengthening of sanctions against Russia. Battle of sanctions takes place two weeks before the presidents of the trump and Putin will be at the G20 summit in Hamburg. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance has decided that in Washington consider another step demonstrating the rigidity of administration in relation to Russia. Let me remind you that the new sanctions affect three dozen individuals and organizations, which according to Washington, participated in the invasion of Ukraine. The move has naturally caused a strong reaction from Russia.

The Senate bill may not be voted in the house of representatives in its current form, so says strong spokeswomen speaker Ryan: “the Speaker is a hard supporter of the sanctions, and believes that we need to do more to ensure that Iran and Russia felt a responsibility, she says. — We will set the next course of action after negotiations with our Senate colleagues.” But the point of view of the Democrats. Their leader in the Senate, Senator Chuck Schumer says: “All that is happening now in the house of representatives is only a procedural form of the chamber, which is designed to cover the fact that she is trying to protect President trump from showing softness towards Russia”.

This is in General the situation before the arrival in Hamburg of the presidents of trump and Putin.

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