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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scientists told, how dangerous is the flu during pregnancy

A group of researchers from the U.S., representing Columbia University, came to the conclusion that mothers who during pregnancy suffered a flu children more at risk to suffer from disorders of the autistic spectrum. Experts, however, clarify that the probability of occurrence of these diseases increases not too much.

photo: pixabay.com

Researchers analyzed information about 338 mothers who have given birth to children with autistic spectrum disorders and 348 women who were in the control group. All of them were members of the other major study devoted to the problem of autism. Each of the women filled out a questionnaire in which, in particular, reported that if she felt the symptoms of flu and colds. The scientists also took maternal blood samples during pregnancy and soon after childbirth. The specialists underline that so far in similar studies used only data from medical records, while in this case, the cases of flu were confirmed by the authors of the study on the basis of laboratory analysis.

As it turned out, moved shortly before pregnancy the flu or colds does not affect the likelihood of autism in a child, however, if the woman has the flu during pregnancy, the risk increased. Primarily this concerned the first and second trimesters.

The researchers suggest that the flu in the rapidly developing brain of the embryo can influence the response to infection, the immune system of the mother.

At the same time, experts say that they have noticed the trend can not be called statistically significant. As the researchers explain, influenza during pregnancy does not mean a really significant increase the likelihood of autism. However, one of the risk factors, require further study, it may well be, add the authors of the new research.

His research scientists published in the journal mSphere.


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