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Saturday, March 24, 2018

“Remember what I said?”: Putin closed the dump arbitrary decision

Vladimir Putin on Thursday has demonstrated that the mode of “manual control” is still the most efficient in the country. And, except for its President, to expect the Russians not to whom. Just five minutes, he decided the issue of the closure of the landfill in Balashikha, which regional officials and the Ministry could not understand for several years.

photo: youtube.com

On a steaming and stinking landfill residents of Balashikha, living 200 metres from the landfill, complained during a recent “Straight line”. Then Putin limited to generalities, however, at a meeting with members of the government staged a public flogging of officials, not able to deal with the basic question.

– You can in human language to explain to me exactly what will be done and in what time frame? – inquired the head of state from the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy. Long and unconvincing explanation of the Minister was to ensure that by 2019 the landfill will continue its work, and the specialists will study the composition of debris and to prepare a reclamation project. In addition, the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov need to write a letter to the government asking to allocate funds for the liquidation of the landfill, said Donskoy.

– Listen to me, and to the sparrows I heard, during the month to close this dump, just syllables rapped Putin – Consider a request for funds the Governor has already filed.

According to the President, no problems with the allocation of funding from the government should be in the budget more than 7 billion rubles, including 1.5 billion environmental charges, which could be used for this purpose and reserve funds of the President and government. Parallel to the regional authorities, in cooperation with the Ministry of environment needs to address the issue of waste management away from human habitation.

– Remember what I said? – asked to be sure, GDP is Very good. In a month I will ask what has been done. And with you, and with Vorobyov.

Has not passed also hour as the press-service of administration of MO released a message: the landfill will be closed from June 23, the company operator has its license revoked.

No less swiftly at the meeting in the Kremlin dealt with the reallocation of fuel charges – for several months the problem of shortage of funds for the repair of regional roads spend too much time on different levels, and the Ministry of Finance was supposed to do it in 2019 as part of the tax reform.

– Then it will be 2020, 2025-th year, and we’ll be there the carts to drive or will be impossible to move, – Putin said, noting that a large part of the excise tax shall be deposited into the regional road funds. (Complaints of pits and potholes have also become one of the “Straight line”)

Now, according to the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov, the Federal budget takes 40% of fuel surcharge, and next year had planned to raise its stake to 43%. “If you give regions 100%, they will receive 225 billion rubles later,” he informed. Vladimir Putin, however, directly by the division of excise duty to deal did not relegate this work, Dmitry Medvedev. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, in turn, warned that “the transfer of this revenue source from the Federal budget to the regions can cause problems with commitment”.

Finally, in the second half of day Vladimir Putin met with academicians of the RAS upon request. It is no secret that reform of the Academy is extremely painful, as scientists began to speak out against administrative reforms, reduced funding and reductions in personnel. And, although the President last took academics very recently (may 30) in connection with the preparation for the first reading of the bill on the new procedure of elections of the President of the RAS has emerged the need for a new meeting.

Putin said he was ready for a Frank and constructive discussion, but rather to listen to the views of scientists, among whom was a former head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov, closed to the press.

Read the interview of the candidate in presidents of RAS Alexander Sergeev, “the road to Sciences”


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