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Friday, March 23, 2018

Italian neurosurgeon refused to transplant the Russian programmer new body

Recently it seemed that the Roman Belyaev “Professor Dowell’s Head” is about to become a reality: transplantation of the human body was planned for December 2017. The new body was to receive Russian programmer Vladimir Valery Spiridonov. Exactly 4 years ago on 23 June 2013, he learned about this opportunity from an interview with the Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero. The doctor and the prospective patient is written off. It was announced that the surgery needs about 15 million dollars and it can last for 36 hours. Then came the information that Canavero decided to transplant the body of a patient from China in the terminal stage and only then to deal with Valery.

It is now clear: a fantastic surgery will not be Spiridonov has already appealed to the Russian Foundation for fundraising for surgery of the spine.

Photo from the personal archive.

“MK” has decided to learn everything first hand, referring questions to Valeria.

– Why cancelled your surgery, which was supposed to make Sergio Canavero?

– I wouldn’t say that it is cancelled. She postponed indefinitely, it would be more correct. Sergio initially had several options with the expectation that you will work at least one. It so happened that played the Chinese card. The government of China proved to be the most flexible and able to take bold far-sighted decisions, developing including the most creative sector of biotechnology. Funding for research on transplantation there is out of the budget, the work carried out in Harbin. Obviously, they were prepared better than anyone else, although I got from Russian scientists and physicians to serious professional support, but certainly not these people should organize the operation.

– Was collected is necessary for operation to the amount of 15 million dollars (and as he was gathering — it was your personal account, Foundation, something else?)

– I personally have never collected money for the operation of transplantation of the body. None of the Fund or the Playground were not for this involved. What financial resources received Canavero — I don’t know, but, in my opinion, it could be much more effective, he agreed to team work. He had this serious prerequisites and suggestions, which I tried to organize. Due to the fact that hope Italian counterpart does not have — I need to take their health into their own hands.

– What operation you need now and how much you need to collect money for her, why you applied for this Fund?

– Fortunately, when my illness there is a well-tested, carried out quite often in such cases, the surgery to implant a steel rod to keep the spine straight and not bent like mine, position. This can be done in several places in Russia, and serves to significantly improve the health status of patients with my diagnosis. After it becomes easier to breathe, to move in transport, and just sit. Of course, it does not return the strength of muscles, and will not let go, but the quality of life will change dramatically in a positive direction. It is not such fantastic money, as announced by Canavero. Much more achievable is 2.4 million rubles. Of these, 994 thousand for the implant and the rest — for the list of works on surgical intervention and rehabilitation. Despite all my activity and productive work — this amount difficult the accumulation for me. So I turned for help to the Fund. People from the Foundation graciously responded to my request and opened the collection to the implant. After that, I will try to find the rest of the funds.

And a little about your life — what you are doing right now, what projects are involved?

I don’t think work Canavero main project of his life. Although it clearly has changed things and gave a lot of new possibilities, use which effectively is a special treat. For example — organization of the Association “thirst for life” that allow professionals from science and are just interested to promote and develop the latest advances in General and medicine in particular. I am a member of the team that creates the world’s first mass consumer robot assistant, able to take on of the hard work when moving cargo and baggage. And lead the development of “smart” wheelchair. So — my life is much more interesting and enjoyable Affairs than preparing for the controversial transplant of the body. So — all the better! Besides, now I have a girlfriend and we travel a lot together.


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