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Friday, March 16, 2018

At the EU summit will discuss anti-Russian sanctions under John Lennon

The leaders of the countries of the European Union once again gathered for a two-day summit in Brussels. As a guest attending the event was Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. On Thursday, June 22, was scheduled speech by the leaders of France and Germany, which were to assess the implementation of the “Minsk agreements”. However, surprises from the Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel was not expected before the summit, it was announced that sanctions against Russia will be extended. But not anti-Russian restrictions concern the EU in the first place. The most acute topics for discussion were the fight against terrorism, migration crisis and a British exit from the Union.

photo: pixabay.com

“It is expected that the Makron and Merkel will give a recommendation to extend sanctions against Russia”, — told reporters the representative of the Council of Europe before the summit. After that, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk will be able to run a formal process of extending restrictions that expire July 31.

But EU leaders, of course, are more concerned with security issues. Amid a series of attacks that rocked Britain and France, the European Union plans to strengthen anti-terrorism measures. Donald Tusk, in particular, shared that the summit will discuss the possibility to automatically remove extremist messages on the Internet. “We must encourage industry to develop tools that automatically detect and delete the content that is spreading terrorist material or promote violence”, — stressed the head of the European Council. In March, the European Union has already agreed to several anti-terrorism measures to criminalize the recruitment and training of jihadists abroad and introduce additional checks at EU borders.

The second sensitive issue is the immigration crisis with which Europe fights for two years. Donald Tusk admitted that in 2017, the number of refugees in the EU increased by 26% compared to first half of 2016, and the coast guard in Libya, which cooperates with the European Union, does not improve the situation much. The cargo of migrants continue to bear mainly the Mediterranean countries, Germany and France. States such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic still refuse to accept quota refugees. In June, the European Commission has even opened a case against these countries. The litigation may result in the imposition of sanctions against Warsaw, Prague and Budapest, if they do not change their position.

A British exit from the EU is also on the agenda. 19 Jun officially launched the negotiations on Bracito, which will last until November of next year. But some of the questions leaders are eager to find out now. For example, what happens with the submitted Kingdom, who currently live and work in the EU? Will they have a right to it or waiting for deportation? The European Commission insists that ordinary people from Brekzita should not be affected. The summit may also decide the issue of relocation of EU organizations, which now are based in the UK, for example, the European Agency of medicinal products and the European banking authority.

British Prime Minister Theresa may will have to make a presentation, after which the leaders of the 27 countries scheduled to discuss the Brekzita, without the participation of the United Kingdom. Donald Tusk did not hide that the EU is reluctant to let go of his dick. “Some of my British friends asked whether it is possible to cancel Brickset or can I present such a variant in which Britain remains in the EU. I told them that the EU was built on dreams that seemed impossible, so who knows. You can say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one” — quoted Tusk of John Lennon.

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