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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The plane Shoigu’s suspicion of NATO

NATO fighter spent attempt of rapprochement with the plane of Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, when he was flying over the neutral waters of the Baltic sea to Kaliningrad. An attempt by F-16 fighter jet to accompany the liner of the Minister was stopped by one of the fighters of naval aviation su-27, which accompanied the Board. This, incidentally, is not the first case.

Su-27 (left) drives an F-16 from the plane of the Minister of defense of Russia.

Judging by the video footage which appeared in the public domain, NATO fighter F-16 first became friendly with the Russian plane and then began to follow him in the course of movement. In just a few seconds next came our su-27, which first flew just near the NATO aircraft, and then, careening to the right, showed the F-16 its on-Board service. After this maneuver, NATO aircraft started to pull away from the side of the Minister. The incident occurred over neutral waters of the Baltic sea, during the approach to Kaliningrad, where Shoigu held a visiting session of the Collegium of the Ministry of defense, devoted to security issues in the Western strategic direction.

— Of course, the immediate threat to the side of the Minister of defence such maneuvers had no idea — says military expert Viktor murakhovski. — A support is not uncommon, and especially over the waters of the Baltic which NATO why should we believe its.

In his opinion, NATO fighter took off from the airfield or in Poland, or the territory of Estonia, which is now based aircraft of the United States.

Murakhovski noted that, in theory, if the aircraft flying on international routes enabled transponder to establish its identity there is no need.

— It’s unclear why they decided to intercept — said murakhovski. — Perhaps wanted to show that here, they say, we’re not sleeping, monitored all flights by Russian aircraft over neutral waters.

This is not the first occasion when NATO aircraft trying to get close to aircraft Russian defense Minister. Last spring, several fighters Eurofighter was also accompanied by Board Minister flying to Kaliningrad. However, then they did not come close to the near distance and the led Board Shoigu at a distance of two kilometers.

In Kaliningrad on Wednesday, Shoigu held a meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of defence on security issues in the Western strategic direction. According to the Minister, there is now a large-scale NATO exercise “Baltops-2017” and “the sabre-2017”, which involved more than 70 ships and auxiliary vessels, about 70 aircraft, including the us strategic b-52 bombers and more than 10 thousand soldiers. “What is happening demonstrates the reluctance of the Western partners to abandon the anti-Russian course,” — said Shoigu added that Russia is forced to react adequately.

So, in the West of our country in readiness for immediate combat use are more than 30 battalion and company tactical groups. Over the past six months, the troops and forces of the Western military district received more than 300 units of weapons and military equipment. Also the formation of new connections and parts. “Until the end of the year in the district will be formed around 20 military units and formations, for placement of which is based about 40 military camps”, — said Shoigu.


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