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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Stephen Hawking: the evacuation of Earth need to start after 30 years

Humanity as a species is doomed to destruction, if in the very near future it does not colonize the moon and Mars. With such a forecast made by physicist Stephen Hawking in the course of the festival, held in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. According to the scientist, after 30 years, people should start migrating to other planets.

photo: pixabay.com

As Hawking says, if people do not begin to settle on the cosmos, the death of humanity from overpopulation or climate change will be a matter of time. Also, according to the scientist, to destroy life on the planet at any moment a giant asteroid. In General, the threats to humanity are so numerous and diverse that people can’t afford to remain a “space travellers”, said the scientist.

The physicist said that half a Millennium ago, people settled on “new worlds”, making geographical discoveries. However, now that the globe is mastered almost perfectly, a person needs to master other planets, unless it is not stopped “running out of space”. Hawking assures us that his words are not based on assumptions that are typical for science fiction, and quite scientific knowledge, primarily in the areas of physics and probability theory.

Stephen Hawking is one of the founders of quantum cosmology, which is named in honor the process “evaporation” of black holes on a quantum level — “Hawking radiation”. Lately that a person needs as soon as possible to colonize other planets, the physicist says quite often, even though he had previously expressed the opinion that this process mankind can spend 100 and not 30 years. Even before he assumed the risk of extinction of mankind as a species will become dangerously high only through the Millennium.

Overpopulation, global warming and the fall of the meteorite is not the only and not even the most “fantastic” of forecasts, previously announced for this Hawking and the previous year. At different times he claimed that mankind is threatened by an uprising of artificial intelligence, the dissemination of genetically modified super virus, a failed experiment to create a black hole and so on. Also, the scientist does not exclude that the very Earth colonizes an alien.


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