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Friday, March 23, 2018

Putin joined class management

Wednesday, June 21, throwing off who is sweet, and who the heavy burden of ending the school year, 25 student leaders of high school graduates from different regions of the country arrived in the Kremlin to talk with the President. Meeting with Vladimir Putin, quietly admitted they “MK”, was a surprise: all went to Moscow to talk with the head of the Ministry of education. It was a good chance to talk to the head of state about the main problems of education. But it was mostly on the educational work of the school: the walking, the nights around the campfire and attracting students to the work of the study groups.

photo: kremlin.ru

The last time GDP interacted with the teachers in the course of his direct line on June 15.

The last time GDP interacted with the teachers recently, in the course of his direct line on June 15. Something then he was very surprised. For example, the message a young teacher from the Irkutsk region, that its salary is 16 thousand rubles to live on that is almost impossible. Meanwhile, the average teacher’s salary is in the region, according to Putin, was more than 30 thousand rubles. And where was the difference, he then did not understand — simply noted that it would be good to set a minimum wage for young teachers.

School funding really is one of the main problems of education, admitted “MK” assembled in the Kremlin, teacher, asking, however, do not specify their names. And yet — markedly raised teaching load: not less than 1.5, or even two, and even more.

Does not facilitate their work and permanent “modernization” of education in the country: reforms, counter-reforms, new reforms, new counter-reforms, etc. And different bureaucratic gadgets… Get at least a “routing” in the target material to be filled in by each teacher. To do that, even for some innocuous literature require no less than an hour and a half. Well, the chemist will spend on these exercises in the afternoon. And, I ask, why? What exactly this gives to the children he teaches? And it is this — the main thing in his work.

Not been solved so far and the main contradiction of the modern system of our secondary education. GEF (Federal state educational standard) by school students, the main task of learning refers to the formation of knowledge and competences — the ability to apply them in practice. Meanwhile the final exam, the exam that verifies the specific knowledge and not competence. And then there’s the transformation of education into a service, put teachers in the position of a negligent contractor, eternally justifying yourself in front of the customers-parents for a high enough estimation of their children…

However, the main theme of dialogue of teachers with Putin became not the basest of matter, and mainly the problem of educating high school students.

— We usually meet the winners of any contests for teachers — opened the conversation Putin. — Teachers have not met, especially on the eve of such a holiday as a graduation. I know that successful schools themselves successful teachers. But there is another aspect of your work and educational. Let’s talk about it: what we need to do relevant Ministry.

Moreover, it is education, said Putin, is the main component of education:

— Knowledge is secondary to the education of the person as it relates to yourself, to family, to home. All this — the fundamental values, and only on this basis can a person be complete.

To nurture these values will help walking and unique methods, like the technique of “shared care”, as practiced, for example, in the Mari El Republic.

— You can take and the Soviet methods — added to GDP. Only they need to de-ideologize.

— Yes, many good techniques were forgotten among the blossomed Terry color innovations of the beginning of 2000-ies, — immediately agreed Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva. — And now they’re coming back.

The first thing the school returns to labor education, was pleased the President teacher.

— Yes, the work brings, — Putin agreed. — I, however, own point of view on the origin of man. But children need to be encouraged to work. I, for example, student construction teams gained working specialty carpenter 4-th digit.


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