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Sunday, March 18, 2018

America Russia has presented a crime

In Russia I remember Mavrodi and his “MMM” (some not only remember, but again is ready to entrust who had served a term fraudster your hard-earned money). In America, remember Madoff (Bernie Madoff got 150 years in prison for a criminal pyramid scheme, the collapse of which cost investors $64.8 per billion). In Russian America remember Marat and the money — bosses of the “Russian mafia” Marat Balagula and of Monya Elson.

photo: Alex geldings

Big “M”… But let’s not dive into the mystical analogy — let’s talk about the analogies of reality: Russian crime vigorously copy of the us samples.

You can start with the obvious crime (when arise the suspicion of corruption, but most often it does not go beyond suspicion) of the housing. For example, the demolition of the buildings is quite suitable for the erection on the vacant land, high-yielding objects in America do is not the first century — in Russia, this overseas experience is used only in modern times.

How it’s done in Russia — living here know well enough, you can do without stories. Will tell you how it’s done in America. In Memphis, Tennessee, recently demolished the last remaining apartment complexes for low-income residents, subsidized by the state. When I saw on the Internet pictures of this complex, I felt sorry for sturdy building of dark brown brick. But much more sorry cause living in these demolished houses people — the urban poor who are not able without material government assistance to rent or buy housing on their meager pensions, benefits or salaries. In place of public subsidized houses will be purely commercial, “without fools”, a residential complex, whose construction is scheduled for completion by 2021. Low-income residents left without a roof over your head, offer or wait until they find somewhere (not in Memphis) subsidized housing, or take advantage of the preferential conditions of participation in the city program of resettlement in their own home.

In the framework of this program who wish to become homeowners provides interest-free loan of $15 000. If buying private housing, the family will live in it five years, they will forgive 20% of the loan, if 10 will be written off 100%. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yes, but there are two “but”. First, the minimum cost of a private house in those places — not 15, and 64 thousand “green”. The difference have to come from somewhere — or cash, or on credit. But the loan will have a percentage — if at all: people with a minimum income, the Bank may not loan the money.

Second, the generous municipality of Memphis provides 15-thousand interest-free loan to buy a home, not anywhere, but particularly certain disadvantaged areas. The city authorities want to make them prosperous, inhabiting good citizens — to oust the homeless, drug dealers and addicts, members of street gangs and other riff-raff. To live five years in this district is worthy, by Russian standards, “the order of Stoop the first degree” and cash prize in a much larger size than 20% of the 15 thousand bucks.

All of these transformation and manipulation in the housing market occur not for the sake of improving the lives of the poor, and for the enrichment of the rich. When sovetchina rested in the Bose, and private enterprise has ceased to be an article of the Criminal code, instantly raised on Russian soil, developers and realtors (and pure criminal elements, housing criminals) began to look for ways rapid accumulation of banknotes, and the long look they had: in America, they found a ready role models.

For example, defrauded real estate investors — this is not the original Russian phenomenon. In America you can see an abandoned, unfinished home at times — especially in times of crisis of 2008-2009. Remember, in South Florida, in the Miami area, I saw not completed until the end of the apartment complex-a condominium of a beautiful two-storey yellow-and-white houses in the middle framed by tropical vegetation alleys. Of the thousands planned the residents managed to settle a total of six families, then the builders of this complex had disappeared, taking with him made shareholders money. This complex where people have lived, not delivered mail, police patrolled the area…

The same in Florida, but elsewhere, the resourceful Russian-speaking immigrants sold land in the “not quite shore” area, but simply put — “in the middle of nowhere”, far away from civilization. They advertised a “unique climate”, “air saturated with the aroma of southern pine”, “low price and high quality”, “ability to sell with profit purchased property” and other delights. Quite a few, mostly of our own, fell for this and bought land to build her fairy castle resort to your dreams; some bought ready-made home… from About 2003 to 2007, the Florida craftsmen business grew by leaps and bounds. And then, when the real estate market, real estate office one day was shut, but the developers themselves (with other people’s money, as usual) is somewhere far away; they are looking for law enforcement officers.

The infamous “infill development” that plagues the lives of Russians in the post-Soviet period, is also present in America long ago.

But… enough about the housing sector — an imitation of America is by no means limited to them. The whole “crime white collar” (white collar crime) — i.e., the fraudulent fraud through intelligence, without soiling hands, came to Russia from overseas.

Long before the pyramid “MMM” in America began to spawn pyramid MLM — this abbreviation is not a company name, it stands for multi-level marketing or “multi level marketing”. Is this method of “obamania suckers” that payments to earlier investors (the narrow top of the pyramid) at the expense of the later (wide base pyramid), and the main task of the schemers is to recruit all the new dreamers, dreaming of fast enrichment. A lot of them — in Russia and in America. As stated in the American saying, “a sucker is born every minute” (a sucker is born every minute).

Thanks to some colleagues from the Russian reader could have the impression that in the New world, “divorce suckers” only the notorious “Russian mafia”. Actually it is not: America is as diverse in composition of the population as ethnic criminal elements. Along with our compatriots from all 15 republics of the former Soviet Union, which bundles imprisoned for fraud with medical insurance, car bases, money laundering, drug smuggling, the creation of fictitious companies, falsifying financial statements and other fraud, to prison on a regular basis dispatched a large number of Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, immigrants from Black Africa, etc politically correct idyll in terms of diversity (racial-ethnic diversity). However, this very diversity the criminal world of Russia demonstrates in no less a degree.

…So we — all they have? Oh, no, not all! If, for example, to return to the housing question with which we began reflection on the subject, in the US the situation is different if only because two-thirds of the population lives in their own homes, rather than apartments. The hearings are conducted in Russian cities in connection with the housing construction problems (obviously on the Western model), often do not gain a quorum — thus, people limit their own influence; in America the time for such hearing, the people breaking the crowd, and very often people have a real impact on the decision of controversial issues. American politicians — including city and municipal — are afraid that they ride on the election (the outcome of which they are not able to regulate through those tricks, which are used in Russia), and listen to the voice of the voters. The courts in America decide not go-ahead from the top, and at its own discretion: in recent months, they repeatedly contradicted himself, terrible to say, the President. The President will specify just in case — USA.

So bad qualities of human nature are the same everywhere, but not the same opportunities of their manifestation. And it would not be harmful to borrow overseas experience in terms of restricting these opportunities.


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