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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The neural network has allowed to see on Jupiter monster

Artist Nick Stevens has posted on his page on Twitter a mysterious image obtained by the research unit Juno (“Juno” or “Juno”) and processed using the program Deep Dream. The neural network was made to look like the gas giant look like a surrealistic painting depicting a terrifying monster.

photo: pixabay.com

This is not the only such “experiment” conducted by the Stephens — with the help of neural network it was treated and other photos of Jupiter and razlichnyh nebulae and other space objects. However, the frame in question, has attracted the particular attention of Internet users. In all likelihood, this could encourage that in the top right of the frame of the program “finished” very conspicuous “face”. However, many other parts of the resulting paintings are pretty bright.

Google’s #Deepdream applied to a #image of juno #jupiter pic.twitter.com/tgECvtQ3a4

— NickStevens Graphics (@runnymonkey) 14 Jun 2017

Nothing really unusual in the rendered image is not — the network is just trying to find the pictures familiar shape (in this case, it was pre-loaded pictures of animals) and changes the frame in such a way as to maximize the similarity to “stress”.

The probe “Juno” was launched to Jupiter 5 Aug 2011, and nearly five years left on its orbit. It is planned that the research station will run until February 2018, and then will be sent to the gas giant’s atmosphere and burn up in it. During operation Juno has already received a lot of valuable information and made some shots, some of which attracted wide attention even without special treatment, in particular, some of them were captured a huge vortex in the planet’s atmosphere. Recently one of the snapshots was made a video dedicated to the convergence of the spacecraft and Jupiter.


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