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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The moderators of protest attitudes: what the Public chamber will tell Putin

Between the government and protest groups of society will be a new mediator. Or, as formulated by some that “the moderator of the relations.” They should be the Public chamber. This task was set on Monday elected the new Secretary OP the journalist Valery Fadeev. The desire to raise the status of the Public chamber said that on Tuesday Vladimir Putin has invited all its members to a meeting in the Kremlin. But whether the opposition of such moderator, “MK” asked its brightest representatives.

photo: kremlin.ru

— I think that we still appeal to the authorities directly, without any mediators and moderators, — said the “MK” head of the Center for anti-corruption policy of the party “Yabloko” Sergei MITROKHIN. — Almost every day, I write appeals to the President, or the mayor, or in office of public Prosecutor and Federal Antimonopoly service. And since I carry out anti-corruption activities, on this subject I have a question to the Public chamber. We had a number of investigations related to its activities. In particular, we found that OP ordered reports on the state of civil society and human rights in Russia organization, which is engaged in sewing clothes. A clear answer to the question of how it happened, from the Public chamber. So I suggest comrade Fadeev, before you take on such ambitious projects as the normalization of relations between the government and protest groups of society, the protest movement first, to understand the financial and economic activities most of the Public chamber. To analyze the errors of the previous leadership, and if he does not, then these errors will go to him by inheritance, and will continue to spoil the image and reputation of the OP. I would be interested to understand Fadeev plans to interact with Center for anti-corruption policy of our party. Explanations I have not received yet.

I remember that earlier the Public chamber was a platform for discussing acute problems. We gathered in it, including to parse the events of 6 may on Bolotnaya square in 2012. Or to raise issues associated with the planning tyranny. Then, the practice dried up. If the hope it will revive you at least restore what is already there: you get back the debate on real topics, then it will be done. We wish him success.

In recent years most institutions of our country discredited, many of the NGOs that have been effective, fell under the foreign agents law and have stopped their work, and all the gears have stopped spinning, — told “MK” the coordinator of the human rights direction of the movement “Open Russia” Maria BARONOVA. In such circumstances, the role of personality in history increases dramatically. Including — and the role of personality Fadeeva at the head of the OP. If he really has the desire to contribute to the dialogue between the authorities and the opposition — it will be of great benefit. But we have often declarations are separate from the business. In the state Duma and the Federation Council there are a lot of very good people with beautiful words on his lips. But something real to do they don’t want, because the only thing they really care about is a cozy retirement on the Spanish coast. Everything else has no enthusiasm and desire. Fadeev is also a good man, but does he have the desire to fight for something and to change something, I don’t know. And I don’t know if he had someone to lean on. The last convocation of the OP was more young and playful people with glowing eyes. Like Kristina Potupchik. In this part I have not found them. This means that Fadeev will be fewer points of support.

In most of the Public chamber sympathetic to the skepticism of the opposition. “Layers of protest unlikely to think that they need a moderator, said “MK” Iosif Diskin. But we will try to start a dialogue with them. In 2012, after the Swamp this attempt failed: the result of the meeting with the leaders of the demonstrators in the Public chamber managed to organize conversation in the presidential administration and to begin a civilized political process. Additionally, we hope to implement something that was not possible before: to help improve the mechanisms of public control, work with volunteers to improve the quality of expert advice.


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