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Monday, March 19, 2018

Lisa Peskov after the Council bloggers in the state Duma spoke about the power

After 19-year-old blogger Sasha Spielberg from the rostrum of the state Duma said that the subscribers – those same voters, MPs (it should be noted: 60% of deputies passed the age mark of 50 years) decided to establish contact with young people. But the recipe to improve “transparency” was selected old policies did not become a mass register on Twitter following the example of the US President, and announced the creation of the next Board of bloggers.


Half of the invitees to the first meeting of the Board of bloggers at the state Duma were skeptical about the initiative and ignored the event. The second half did not understand what I wanted to talk to parliamentarians.

The creation of the Council – initiative of deputies from the liberal democratic party, and not the collective idea of parliamentarians of all factions. Despite this, they have taken the initiative beautifully and all the rules. The idea announced the youngest Deputy of the state Duma – 21-summer Vasily Vlasov. And on the first meeting came not only Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but also Vice-speaker of the state Duma from “United Russia” Peter Tolstoy.

They all talked about how important tip and why do we need it. The essence in short: the deputies of the state Duma do not want to control bloggers and Internet users. They need direct communication to, in the words of Tolstoy, “to understand what the issues of concern to those people who took a certain site in the Internet, regardless of what field” and “to discuss the solutions that are accepted by the state Duma”. Vlasov even gave an example of this discussion: if the state Duma adopts a law which concerns the rights of car owners, why not bring to his discussion of the author of the blog “Fox rules”, which tells about “how not to get a divorce” when buying a car?

The content of the meeting, in contrast to the clearance, raises many questions.

First, the deputies invited the bloggers who have nothing to say on the topic of politics.

The most recognizable person at the table was the daughter of the press Secretary of the President Peskov Lisa. “To be honest, I’m not signed, but if we look at its content, I think we can find some kind of direction, the Advisory Council in the state Duma, which deals with the topics that she is interested”, – said a couple of days before the meeting Vasily Vlasov. The Advisory Council, I’m sorry, what?

Instagram girls mostly her portraits, photos from travels and photos with my dad, on average, post gains for 2 thousands of likes, so-so coverage. Yes, she speaks perfect French she’s got a good education. And maybe she has something to say to the deputies of the state Duma. But let’s then let’s not hide behind the content and to name the baby press Secretary Peskov popular blogger, but quite frankly, why she was in this Council.

By the way, after the speech, Sasha Spielberg have been widely discussed, the fact that it is not a random person: her father, Alexander Balkovskiy, co-owner of the company that is promoting on YouTube. Is it reasonable in this context to invite to have Internet on top of another is not a random person? And what laws can discuss big Russian boss who raps with the words “your girlfriend kisses my staff”?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, speaking about the functions of the bloggers at the Council, asked them to audit products. Very fresh and relevant idea, which came up with the project of the movement “Nashi” “piggy against” 5 years ago. From the mouth of the leader of LDPR sounded and other proposals – together with bloggers to build a system of protection of the Russian language, or to count who has the most selfies of all in Russia.

Of course, the level of parliamentary mossy must be such as to reduce (recently, the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, speaking at a hearing on youth policy (!!!) mixed street art with arthritis). But in this chat with videobloggers? The notorious Sasha Spielberg at the festival #ashtag are unable to answer the following leading questions: “what is the science of plants?”, “What more is 40 tons or 4 tons?”, “Name the largest ocean.”

And her most popular video is about bathing in a bath filled with chips.

It is hard to imagine that the dialogue of bloggers with deputies will be fruitful. The game was equal: two butting RAM.

PS Lisa Peskov software to speak today did not (“came to listen”). To start, she spoke French with their friends. During the meeting she spoke, when Vladimir Zhirinovsky started talking about selfies. Daughter press Secretary said: “I selfie do very rarely. Recently posted the first selfie in six months”. Then Elizabeth separately told, “get back on Board of bloggers for the proposals” and said that the authorities should listen more to the views of the citizens: “the Government does not hear the people.” Well, Elizabeth has the ability to convey to the government the aspirations of the people and individually.


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