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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Hate crime”: the victims of the attack were Muslims the London

With another – the fourth in the last four months – the attack faced the British capital in the night from Sunday to Monday. The van crashed into parishioners who were near the mosque in Finsbury Park in North London. The incident, deemed a terrorist attack, one person died and another ten were injured. All the victims were Muslims, according to the British press.

photo: AP

It happened shortly after midnight: the car crashed into the people who helped fallen in the street man. As writes the newspaper The Telegraph, this elderly man, presumably a member of the mosque who were near tried to provide first aid, died. Not quite was it is clear that if death came as a direct result of the accident.

The scene was chaos and panic. But driving a car sorokadvuhletny the man was detained passers-by, and then arrested by the police. The attacker is described as a large white man who was shouting around him men: “Kill me!”. Passers-by began to beat the man, but the local Imam named Mohamed Mahmoud stopped the lynching, reports the Evening Standard. “Don’t hurt him, will take him to the police,” urged the irate crowd Imam. Arrived at the scene the police took the suspect – he was sent to the hospital to check his mental condition.

Witnesses say was driving the van, the man shouted that he was going to kill all Muslims. This gives reason to believe that the attack could be absolutely for reasons of hate, and therefore, can be regarded as a terrorist attack. In any case, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Britain said that police are investigating the case as a terrorist incident.

Although initially there were reports that, along with the driver in the car were two persons, the police claimed that “no Other suspects”.

According to bi-Bi-si embedded in people’s van belongs to the firm, donate car to rent in Wales.

Prime Minister Theresa may called on the occasion of your tragedy emergency meeting on the crisis staff.

Recall that on 3 June in the British capital, the terrorists left a truck on the pedestrian part of the London bridge, crashing into a crowd of passers-by. Leaving the car, the attackers began to put people stab attacks. In parallel, there was an attack on a restaurant near borough market and the attack in Vauxhall. Three of the attackers were shot dead – some of them got into the field of view of the security services in connection with their radical Islamic views.

The recent terrorist attacks in Britain, according to the newspaper The Independent, called in the country the surge in Islamophobic incidents. And it is possible that the current attack fits into this context.

The circumstances of the incident in London on the night of June 19 forced to think not only about a series of recent attacks with vehicles and knives in the UK and other European countries, but also committed in January of this year, an armed attack on a mosque in the suburbs of the canadian city of Quebec. The incident occurred when the congregation finished the prayer on Sunday evening. As a result of open shooting attackers killed six people. A suspect in the attack, which authorities have classified as a terrorist attack, was a young student Alexander Bissonet who hold right-wing and anti-Muslim views. He was not charged with terrorism, but only in six murders.


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