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Sunday, March 18, 2018

There is no citizenship, but you hold

This may at intervals of a week I experienced two attacks. Started with the old woman bringing up the rear more than a group of Sochi Communists on may day. Separated from her, she came over and said solemnly: “I voted for you in the elections last year. But now take your vote!” “Why?” — timidly I asked. “Nothing to carry who are not lazy in our country!” — she gave me and with the consciousness of duty done returned to service.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“— Ahem! well, unless you want bread?

— commonly asked Ivan.

— How not to want! hungry as the dog.

— Ahem! — commonly answered Ivan.

— So you may want the meat?

Yeah, that your mercy will,

all will be happy…

— Well, go with God

said Ivan Ivanovich.

— Why are you standing? because I’m not beat!”

N. In.Gogol, “the Tale about how quarreled Ivan Ivanovich with Ivan Nikiforovich”

Speaking from the rostrum of the festive rally on Victory Day in Bishkek, Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev hit me with serious accusations of disrespect to the brotherly Kyrgyz people. The occasion was my attempt at the transfer of Vladimir Solovyov to explain the difference in the fee for obtaining Russian citizenship for our compatriots and a Russian-speaking citizens of other countries, including Kyrgyzstan. From the speech of Mr. President was that I and people like me — spiritual relatives of skinheads that generate hatred of the Kyrgyz, and thus pushing the natives to the attacks. In St. Petersburg, for example.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

I feel like mark TWAIN, when he was chosen Governor. The collapse of the Soviet Union among other misfortunes resulted in the devastation and confusion of identity. For someone who is a compatriot? Russian Federation — Russian state of some or all of those who live in it? And who can claim to live in it? And on what terms?

The majority in Russia, as Alexander Prokhanov, believe that “Russian” and “Soviet” are one and the same. But this idyll is immediately subjected to hard questioning as soon as the migrants from post-Soviet Central Asia or the Caucasus cause all kinds of trouble. Not bothering to deep trials, with one hand the state — the law “On state policy concerning compatriots abroad” — subscribes to the recognition of special rights of compatriots, separated by the fact of the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the other hand — the laws “On citizenship” and “On legal status of foreign citizens” — block to most of these countrymen the real implementation of their declared rights in Russia. Add to this the fact that in the international arena, overcoming serious resistance, our country is fighting for the Eurasian Union — an integration project with the very same Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and others, whose citizens are so annoyed with your presence individual of Patriotic ladies at may day demonstrations.

Twenty years since the first State Duma, I offer solutions that would allow our laws to be a Swan, cancer and pike in relation to the multimillion Russian Diaspora abroad: to dot the “i” in the question about the needs and rights of different categories to bring in the best state mechanisms for the mutual support of Russia and “Russian world” abroad. All these years with envy celebrate as Hungary, Poland, Germany, Romania — not to mention traditionally experienced in Diaspora politics, Israel, Armenia, China, in fact, not in words deepen its cooperation with foreign compatriots. I came in his fourth State Duma with a clear plan of legislative initiatives, from immediate and self-evident to more complex and controversial, is to remove what seems to be absurdity or error. Beginning inspire hope — this is what I wrote in the “MK” (“Cut off a piece or part of the people?”, 30 December 2016). Taking in three readings amendments to the law “On citizenship”, we averted the threat of deportation from Russia of Russian people, since the 1990s years living and working in the country. Spit on the fate of others, officials wanted to make people responsible for their own confusion in the issuance of passports. The Federal Assembly and the President of the Russian Federation decided otherwise.

But on this, the first stage of bringing our legislation on citizenship to the reality of the enemy has made itself known. The structure of the presidential Administration, as luck would have named the Office for the protection of constitutional rights of citizens, tried to prevent the adoption of the law. Long-term head of this Department Dmitry Zhuikov was one of the authors of the 2002 law “On citizenship”, an ideology which in respect of compatriots expressed in the phrase of another developer, “All that is necessary, in Russia have already arrived. It is necessary to put a barrier in the way of those who we do not need”. I don’t know whether to believe the opinion of his colleagues and applicants who encountered the D. by Guicowar (I, unfortunately, never got his admission), who argue that he is completely deaf to all petitions on citizenship, considering them one and all an attack on the budget, pensions, health care and other unique achievements of the Russian Federation. But there is no doubt that the responsible authority, led by D. Guicowar, does not share any concern about the fate of millions separated from Russia in 1991, the Russian people, does not recognize any sense in supporting Russian-speaking, or, as they say, “native Russian speakers”. And finally, just mocking the hundreds of thousands who fled from the Bandera regime in Russia Russian and Ukrainians, forcing them for the sake of obtaining a residence permit in Russia to get the regime a certificate of renunciation of citizenship of Ukraine.

The fact that Russia “needs to smart, educated, hardworking people who just want to make some money here and leave, but want to move, to settle in Russia and consider Russia their homeland”, said Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly on 12 December 2012. He also stressed that “the process of obtaining citizenship for our compatriots outrageously bureaucratic,” and instructed “to develop an accelerated procedure for granting Russian citizenship to our compatriots, Russian media language and Russian culture, direct descendants of those born in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. For those who want to move permanently to our country and, accordingly, to renounce their current citizenship”.

A year and a half since the civil war in Ukraine took to the executors of the will of the President and past State Duma to make 2014 the necessary amendments to the legislation establishing a new category of “Russian speakers”. But under the vigilant supervision of the office for the protection of the constitutional rights of citizens deputies have corrected the President: not “born”, and “lived”, and even in the Russian Empire, at least in the Soviet Union, but “in the modern borders of the Russian Federation”. And most importantly, from native speakers of Russian is required not just to renounce the existing nationality (for foreigners applying for a Russian passport, to send to the Consulate a statement of refusal), and to provide a “document of the authorised body of a foreign state” on the admission application about an exit from citizenship. It must be done before applying for obtaining a residence permit, and then (when applying for citizenship of the Russian Federation) need to present again “the document of the authorised body of a foreign state” on the renunciation of foreign citizenship.

So the mountain gave birth to mouse. No state in the world has pledged to provide Russia, deputies of the State Duma Dmitry Zhuikov also personally or any reference. Does not. To date, over three years, the standards for “native speakers” only three and a half thousand of them received Russian citizenship, 70% of those who otherwise had no citizenship, or citizens of Tajikistan who abandon Tajik citizenship is not necessary, as there is a Russian-Tajik agreement on dual citizenship. Of the million plus citizens of Ukraine, who fled from war and persecution, the citizenship of the Russian Federation received a total of 25 “native Russian speakers”.

We gave the sovereign right of a decision on citizenship of the Russian broker — a foreign state of the user which have adopted our migration service. A recent example: a citizen Ivanchenko, Odessa region, tremendous efforts have advanced further than others: he has received in Ukraine, a certificate stating that he had adopted a statement on the way out of the Ukrainian citizenship. But the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation replied that in accordance with their idea of who should issue such certificates in Ukraine against help is not enough. Denied.

That said, it seems enough to understand why, in the eve of the new 2017 I submitted to the State Duma a bill abolishing all the ugly growths on the President’s proposed norm of citizenship for Russian speakers; why co-operate with me voluntarily signed up another half dozen of the deputies of the faction “United Russia” and, finally, why it was approved by the committees participating in the State Duma and to the zero readings in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. All this, however, does not outweigh the negative reviews by the State legal Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation, based on the ideas of the same office for the protection of constitutional rights of citizens.

What are these ideas? In fact, for example, that “the exclusion restriction of the norms of this Federal law within the state border of the Russian Federation will allow to extend this provision to foreign nationals, formerly part of the Russian Empire (Poland, Finland, China, USA and other countries)”. Nonsense about longing for the Russian citizenship of poles, Finns and Americans (would, of course, to know when it is China or any part of its territory is officially part of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire!) suggests that the main suspicion falls on unnamed “other countries” with whom we are building the Eurasian Union. More open opponents of the law in the Internet right are afraid that the authors “are going to give the passport all over Asia”.

But no passports does not give. The path to citizenship in Russia is not changed. First, we need to prove that the applicant speaks Russian as a native, what’s going on at the Commission with the participation of professional linguists (which is quite a different level of Commission that will examine basic ideas about the Russian visitors to the country migrants). Did migrants from the Central Asian republics, the Ghost of rooting which is dancing in the eyes of critics of our bill, all the polls ready to throw home for their families and to renounce citizenship of their countries? And if we move the Russian language and russkokulturnoe part of the population of the former Soviet republics, we will lose or win?

It’s not even the fact that the “conservative” approach, Russia would never have become either the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union. Not rooted would be Siberia, the Caucasus, the Kuban and the Crimea, and the Russian culture — Pushkin. The panic about Central Asia on the background of millions already in our country representatives of these republics — a real hindrance to people our own language and blood, our valid compatriots from Ukraine to achieve the human conditions of their stay in Russia. Refugees from the Ukraine, whom we call brothers, be in a position worse than that of migrant workers with their spin state, where they return to “sit” our law required 90 days out of 180. Fugitives unable to return to the embrace of the war and hate the country. But they refused to receive the residence permit, are pushing for odd jobs and illegal situation. Engineers and teachers work as porters and dishwashers. We want to from a long time Russia turned away for this is our “hospitality”? We want to help Poroshenko and K, oprobuem all ties with Russia in celebration of the visa-free regime with Europe?

“Conservatives” raise the alarm that will bring new citizens and they will crush our entire social sphere, demanding pensions and maternity capital (I’d like to see pensioners who apply for the parent capital!). In fact, our “loss” is 4959 RUB 85 kopecks. old-age pensions to those who have never worked (the others get it there, where he paid the money to the Pension Fund), mercapital and allowances plus the opportunity to go to the district hospital. All. This statistics says: in the stream of compatriots arriving in Russia, only 6% retired, 70% were people of working age and 24% were children. These children will grow up to be citizens, serve in the army, to work at the plant, to plow the land, to make discoveries in science and to create masterpieces in art. And one able-bodied person today already covers the costs of the state for two pensioners. But it all goes on deaf ears of those who believes that the residence permit and Russian citizenship — is only a pretext to claim a section of the pie of our economy, not increasing it. Officials believe the entire population of the country freeloaders, internally, apparently not believing that their own wages earned.

Will be removed if the adoption of our amendments to the law “On citizenship” all the problems of Russia’s relations with its compatriots and Russian-speakers abroad? Of course not. We just got stuck already on the second step from the passage of which depends the fate of the next, already introduced us legislation: the nationality of children of mixed marriages, the right to political asylum in Russia… We even went to a new reading of the concept of “Russian compatriot abroad”. And it is required to fulfill the promise of citizenship, the law “On state policy toward compatriots living abroad”, regardless of, going candidates to move to the Russian Federation or will remain in the rest of Russia, which the Russian left in 1991.

Russian citizenship and Russian language is the main guarantee of the preservation of the Russian people, and hence the Russian state. “The sovereign word and deed!” — as in the days of Peter and Catherine, demand a trial and justice for those who offer and those who reject the right of Russians and Russian speakers for Russian citizenship.


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