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Sunday, March 11, 2018

In the Internet published an updated map of the “death Star”

The moon of Saturn called Mimas for far from astronomy famous in the first place, the fact that outwardly it resembles the “death Star” space ship from a science fiction Saga of George Lucas “Star wars”. Recently, experts at the American space Agency NASA has made the most detailed to date map of this heavenly body, and presented it in the photo journal on its website.

Photo: NASA

A new map, the extension of which is up to 216 metres per pixel, was written thanks to pictures taken by the space station Cassini in November 2016 and February 2017. Compared to the previous version, introduced in 2012, the new images in great detail to see the South pole of Mimas and many other areas of its surface.

Mimas was discovered by astronomer William Herschel on 17 September 1789 and was named in honor of one of the titans of Greek mythology. He is the twentieth-largest moon in the Solar system and the smallest known cosmic body, which has a rounded shape due to its own gravity. The radius of the planet reaches nearly 200 kilometers, its period of revolution around Saturn is only an hour less than the day length on Earth, and the distance from a celestial body to our planet is over a billion kilometers. A giant crater called Herschel that makes Mimas looks similar to a space ship from a science fiction movie, was discovered only three years after this movie hit the cinema screens.

Besides the rings, Saturn has at least 62 natural satellites, some of which, in particular, dione and Enceladus, are thought to be potentially habitable, let them the opportunity to directly test this the scientists have not yet been. Its form, in addition to Midas, more recently became famous another satellite, called pan — a closer look it appeared like a giant dumpling.


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