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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A court carnival: Bulk knock off time of arrest because of the kids and eye

Alexei Navalny, who was arrested June 12 Simonovsky district court for 30 days for organising a meeting on the Day of Russia, will be released five days before the appointed time. The Moscow city court on Friday, June 16, granted the appeal of the opposition leader on the arrest.

Protection insisted on the fact that Navalny was not the organizer of the rally, “I wanted” and therefore should be released. In addition, I remember at the trial of two young offspring Navalny and his newly acquired disease.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the hallway, in anticipation of the meeting of accredited journalists and employees of the court can test his reserves of tolerance and humanity. And helped them a few dozen followers of the opposition. While Bulk were in the hall, his “support group” fun as they could. The applause accompanied from the court Ilya Yashin, who 10 minutes earlier the Moscow city court refused satisfaction of the complaint for the arrest.

– Yashin, the people you love!

– Hang in there! there was cackling from the crowd.

The arranged someone an exam on the rights and freedoms of the people “with nerabski consciousness”. Finally in the hallway appeared the main culprit of the celebration: in its continued (this time lavender) shirt with rolled elbow-length sleeves.

– What are you waiting for? You are not allowed? – looking from the top down, said Navalny to sitting room. Without waiting for a reply, opposition disappeared behind the door.

The indifferent crowd rushed after him. Then suddenly materialized some journalists, likewsie bailiffs streamname accreditation cards on which the names of the media, however, indecipherable. Not lagged behind them and urban activists who also considered it his duty against all odds to get to the gym. Fueled by the prospect of being left in the hallway, the opposition-minded citizens tried to bully the police officers that covered the breast entrance.

As it turned out, fought in vain, in the hall fit all. However, and here are some of the rights were more. So, according to a separate invitation first came in the head of the electoral headquarters of Bulk Leonid Volkov and employees of the Fund of struggle against corruption. They settled on benches in the vicinity of the opposition. Others together with journalists sat in the opposite side.

First, the judge read out the personal data of Navalny and his rights, then said, all right. The opposition rose, and suddenly showed the presidency of thumb, in issuing this ticking sound, like, all super.

“Sit down,” quietly answered clearly confused young woman.

Then the battle joined, the lawyer of the oppositionist Olga Mikhaylova. She explained that the Simonovsky court, appointing “such a harsh” punishment Navalny, did not realize that her principal’s two minor children and newly acquired corneal burns from green fodder and certain substances which he splashed unknown.

– Alexei Navalny continues to be on intensive treatment… it requires a certain mode, – said the lawyer, adding that the Bulk of the eye at least 2-3 times a week should be examined by ophthalmologist, otherwise “the results of the operation done in Spain, may be mitigated”.

Also, the lawyer explained to the court that Navalny was arrested for organizing a rally, but the opposition did not, though “wanted”. The defender in this case remembered the concept of “legal organizer”.

– Here we are, sitting in the kitchen, believe that he was the organizer. No. There are legal organizer and Bulk them was not, – said Mikhailov.

– You can go to Russia without a license and drunk and fight with the police – but not much – and to 15 days… And for participating in the rally – 30! – bright orderstoal and the opposition, when the judge asked him how he refers to a video in which called on their supporters on Pushkin square during the city festivities.

When the presidency was removed to the consultative room, supporters took the opportunity to chat with the idol:

– Alex, when, when will is opening a branch in Reutov?! Reutov is on fire!

– So open already! – parodied opposition exalted the lady of average years.

In parallel, the old man suddenly took out from somewhere a black cloak with a crooked inscription “Corruption”. Obviously, the fashion for “black cloaks Bulk”, which can be seen at the rally, and went out to the masses. That’s just to buy yourself the original cost more than 50 euros was quite expensive. Fashionable pensioner handmaker eventually derived. But he left it effectively:

– Alexei Navalny, for your and our freedom…! All Russia is grateful to you, Alex, struggling with corruption and wears this robe!

When the robe settled, supporters of the opposition decided to ask, “how eye”:

– Alexey, my mother is a pensioner. She’s just crying, so worried about your eye… How are you feeling?

– Thank you! Already better, – said Navalny.

But it was not enough.

– Hello mother, I have Bulk! Alex will speak with my mum! – suddenly gave a fan of the opposition and handed him a cell phone.

Bulk retired and was limited to generalities, the conversation lasted minutes. Later it became clear that such short it was since Ariadne Pavlovna went to drink Valerian.

– Alexey, the 37th year for you! – cried after that, a supporter of Navalny.

– The sound in two ways…,- the oppositionist noted.

In the end, the court went to meet the Bulk and modified the trial court’s decision, reducing his sentence to 25 days — was considered the presence of children and health problems.

This decision hall met with laughter.

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