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Friday, March 23, 2018

Trump missed another kick, the Senate voted for the new anti-Russian sanctions

Us senators by a majority of 97 votes to two, approved the amendments to the bill on sanctions against Iran, which include the possibility of introducing new restrictive measures against Russia. This is only the first step in the bill to law. Now both houses of Congress will have to approve the document. However, the unanimity of the senators alarming: against the President of Donald trump, who promised to improve relations with Moscow, turned even his fellow Republicans.

photo: AP

The bill has several goals, and one of them is to restrict the freedom of action of the President. The senators are going to take away from trump’s ability to lift sanctions without the approval of Congress. The rest of the document enshrines in law already imposed restrictions and opens the way to imposing a new one. According to Senator McCain, the official reason for the amendment — “attack on American democracy”, committed allegedly by Russian hackers during the presidential election campaign in the United States.

It is noteworthy that the road of a document from creation before the voting was as short as possible. The point about anti-Russian restrictions specifically included in the draft law on the anti-Iranian sanctions, the vote on which was scheduled for this week. It is expected that the project will be approved by the Senate Thursday, 15 June. Then he will have a vote in the lower house of Congress.

“In the House of representatives first, the bill should consider the Committee, then the whole House, then, if there are discrepancies with the Senate, they form a kind of a compromise, is told in the comment “MK” head of the Center for foreign policy studies of the mechanism of the US Institute of USA and Canada studies Sergey Samuylov. It’s a long process. And nothing new in it. Opposed to the Moscow legislators said from the beginning that anti-Russian sanctions are required to do by law. Now they are doing it. After all, Obama has imposed sanctions in the form of Executive decrees of the President. They do not require the consent of Congress. Theoretically, they can also trump the Executive order to abolish, what he hinted during the election campaign.

But these sanctions will become law only if the tramp this document will be signed. And because he is a man of impulsive, inexperienced politician may act contrary to the political situation, as shown by the dismissal of FBI Director Komi, he can veto the document. In this case, again there will be a storm of indignation in Congress and in the media, there will be charges that trump performs “a deal with the Kremlin” made during the election campaign. But Congress is unlikely to override the veto, because it needs a supermajority — two-thirds of the legislators.

Of course, from a rational point of view, the Trump with the Congress to fight is not necessary, and it would be better to sign the bill, so as not to recover even more of his opponents against themselves. ‘ve already created the post of spectacular and service, which will deal with the identification of “Russian trace” in the environment trump and empowered to press criminal charges against the President.”

So Donald trump loses in any case. By signing the bill, he will impose on himself limitations, narrowing the already narrow space for maneuver. Imposing the veto, he will provoke another scandal and once again will confirm the suspicions of collusion with Moscow.

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