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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The inhabitants of dilapidated housing asked Putin to include the manual control mode

The housing issue has spoiled not only Muscovites, but also, it seems the whole country. Not by chance, he came up in a Direct line with the President when the inhabitant of Izhevsk has complained to Putin that their emergency hut on the street Chapaeva authorities designed for demolition and resettlement as much as 2029. And as to this period to hold out is unclear. The head of state promised not only to understand the situation, but to personally inspect this dwelling during his visit to the region.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

I remember a few years ago, this topic was also raised in the communication of Vladimir Putin with the people. However, it was not in the direct line, and at the meeting with the youth at lake Seliger. Then the inhabitant of Balashikha near Moscow reported that its moribund Barak did not recognize the emergency, although to live in it for a long time impossible. Still not over that meeting in Balashikha arrived Andrey Vorobyev, Governor of Moscow region. And started… If I remember correctly, in record time, three months, and this, and other emergency barracks in the district of the district were resettled in specially built multi-storey, multi — storey building is finished and with all conveniences. “Accident-prone persons” was immensely happy.

With high probability we can assume that the same scheme will be repeated in Izhevsk, this may not even need of coming to Putin.

But you will agree that the problem of resettlement of emergency and dilapidated housing at such a rate (the personal intervention of the President) is not resolved. In Russia, about 80 million square meters of dilapidated housing — 2% of the total housing stock. And for each square meter, the President is not physically able to solve the problem in manual mode — by personal inspection.

What to do, how to solve this problem? After the program on resettlement of people from dilapidated housing were made and extended at the Federal level more than once. And who, as they say, is still there.

For comments, we asked the doctor of economic Sciences, Professor Russian Academy of national economy and state construction Yevgeny BLEHO:

– A certain recipe, a single “formula” solution to the problem does not exist. The increase in emergency housing in Russia is significantly ahead of the number of houses that are already recognized. For example, today the Commission will be an act of recognition of the old 1 million square meters, and tomorrow there will be another 500 thousand, where the stagger of the beam, a leaky roof and “convenience”. Relocation is the eternal Russian problem. Especially in the current environment. By law, the resettlement programme is financed from the Federal budget, and it is declining due to lack of funds from it leaving some social programs.

And all for the reason that we save on capital repairs of residential buildings. They’re not just us apart, and from the fact that we are economists and we believe that it is cheaper to build a new house than repair the old one. While there are accurate calculations: the repair costs the budget of a maximum of 30 % of the estimated cost of building a new home. Let’s not skimp on the overhaul of the houses that can still be saved. And the situation with the old Fund will become not so threatening and hopeless.

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