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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“The Bulk nomination for the presidency is possible if the decision will be Putin”

After the rally, June 12 wide discussion got political prospects Alexei Navalny. On this subject spoke and the head of the CEC. According to Ella Pamfilova, the Bulk nomination for the presidency is possible only if “suddenly there is a miracle.”

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The unexpected statement, she Pamfilova explained that he prefers not to talk about Bulk, because for her he “was kind of a sacred political cow, that better not to touch” and suggested that the politician is “in any special privileged conditions”. What are the chances of the opposition to participate in presidential elections, and if he has some kind of privilege, to understand “MK”.

“Miracle”, Ella Pamfilova said satisfaction possible appeal against the sentence on the case of plunder of property of “Kirovles” – a heavy article suggests the ban on participation in elections.

We will remind that the Lenin district court of Kirov in re-examining podojil sentence to the opposition, the higher court rejected the appeal and the sentence came into legal force. However, theoretically, the Bulk remains yet another attempt to appeal the sentence within six months, he may file an appeal.

To defend their right to participate in elections Navalny may through the constitutional court. After the verdict, the opposition leader got into a legal fork. On the one hand, the law (article 4 paragraph 3.2 and 67 of the Federal law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights”) contains the wording: “do Not have the right to be elected citizens sentenced to imprisonment for serious crimes, conviction of which is charged or discharged, before the expiration of ten years from the date of withdrawal or repayment of a criminal record”.

On the other hand, the Constitution States that “have no right to be elected citizens containing in places of imprisonment on a court sentence.”

Navalny notes that is not contained in places of deprivation of freedom, and hence, it is right there. However, challenging the law to the constitutional court – the process is very long. First, if the opposition will not allow to participate in the elections, he will have to complain to the General court, and then he can go to the constitutional court.

However, the analyst Navalny Leonid Volkov said that the legal mechanisms for the tolerance of Bulk in the elections “does not matter” because in any case they are “making political decisions”.


Dmitry GUDKOV, former state Duma Deputy, the politician: “the Bulk Nomination for the presidency, perhaps, if such a decision will be made by Putin. We have the same court solves nothing, even constitutional. The miracle is if it is decided to admit him before the election. And then the courts will make that decision.

The decision can be made in the case if the Bulk will create a situation in which its rejection would destroy the entire legitimacy of the presidential election. I think that the configuration of the presidential campaign will be affected by many factors – and the situation in the economy and the level of protest, and the effectiveness of campaigns that spends the Bulk in the regions and increasing international isolation, and the split of the elites.

With regard to the privileged position – of course, he has a privileged position. Only with a minus sign, he’s got a brother in jail”.

Abbas GALLYAMOV, a political scientist: “the Bulk Nomination for the presidency impossible. The government is not profitable, and they have legal reason not to do so. Not ideal from the point of view of credibility, because not all believe the verdict in the “Kirovles” the fair, and many voters would love to see Navalny in the elections.

Why did the authorities not profitable extension Bulk? Because the man, a registered candidate, will increase your status and it will animalae to listen. Plus crumble the logic of the Kremlin that Navalny is an agent of the state Department. If he is an agent of the state Department – why this agent is officially registered and allowed in the air of Federal TV channels? It will be interpretive as some kind of weakness – that the Kremlin caved under public opinion, under the West. And our voter power will forgive anything, except weakness

The privileged position of the Bulk objectively is. He made himself the bright and bold critic of the regime. Indeed, different power factions uses its services to make each other scores. The prosecution in his mouth worth it”.

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