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Saturday, March 24, 2018

“May decrees” Putin did not work: state employees left stranded

Vladimir Putin will give the order to deal with the low salaries of state employees. The President said during a straight line with people, answering questions about the low salaries of teachers, nurses, firemen, postmen. The head of state said that these categories of state employees were not included in the “may decrees” of 2012, so the salaries were not indexed, but promised an increase to the January 1, 2018. MK knows who the government cheated five years ago and heal if public sector workers better.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The President came a whole bunch of letters with complaints of the salary on which it is impossible to live. People even sent photos of their payroll work, in which were listed the meager numbers. For example, a preschool teacher from Astrakhan gets 7935 rubles of the cosmodrome East 10 246 rubles, a firefighter from the Saratov region — 8000 rubles, the postman — 3600 rubles per month.

“All these people do not fall in the so-called specified category,” the President said, examining the bills. He added that the rest of the public sector salaries were increased and recognized the injustice of this situation, given that inflation last year was 12.9%. However, “the may decrees” refers to the increase of salaries even 200% to employees of education, healthcare, culture and science. Why the nurse and the teacher did not feel the increase, “MK” explained the economist Yevgeny Gontmakher.

“In “may decrees” do not hit some categories of state employees, among addressed to the President their representatives there. The postman is an employee of a commercial company “Mail of Russia”, the firefighter is in the system EMERCOM, a nurse from the Vostochny space centre is working in the Corporation “Roscosmos”. Thus, they do not receive directly the money from the budget, and therefore, are presidential decrees 2012 does not apply”, — said the expert.

Earlier, during a government meeting, Putin talked about the indexation of wages deprived “may decrees” of state employees. According to him, growth is likely to touch 6 million people, in particular, employees of Federal and municipal institutions: lawyers, economists, accountants, personnel officers, technicians, fitters, cleaners. In addition, as explained in the Ministry of labor, the increase may accrue to veterinarians, meteorologists, employees of the employment service.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin outlined another problem of the social sphere, unjust distribution of salaries to state employees in the field, answering a question of a young teacher from the Irkutsk region, which receives 16.5 thousand rubles, and asked the President how to exist on this money. According to the head of the state, the authorities were tasked to bring teachers ‘ salaries up to the average in the region and in the Irkutsk region it is about 30 thousand rubles. “What happens in practice? Money teachers and in determining wages manages the school itself. It is clear that a young professional needs to a little less than experienced teachers, but it is not clear why in 2-3 times less,” — stressed Vladimir Putin and said that such differences in income should not be.

“The decree does not say that the average salary in the region should be given to each teacher, ranging from a young specialist and Director of the ending. The schools were launched over the common parameters, but in fact it turned out the scheme when the school is accountable to the regional Ministry of education “the average temperature in the hospital”. No one is not interested in what the salary of each individual teacher. It is a problem of interpretation of the law, which is partly the fault of the government not spelled out the details and explanations”, — commented on the words of President Yevgeny Gontmakher.

The most important and acute problem in the economy, despite the exit from the crisis, Vladimir Putin called the decline of incomes and immediately gave the recipe to fix the structure of the economy and to raise labor productivity, and with it, increase jobs, and then begin to grow revenues. “Indeed, the reform of the structure of the economy is on the agenda. But to increase the number of jobs we need investment, changes in the education system, labor mobility across regions and much more. In the end, we come to the necessity of reforming Russia, including the judicial system, decentralization of power, the changing role of the state in the economy. And this is a question for the President himself,” concluded our source.

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