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Monday, March 19, 2018

Chinese experts have set out to grow potatoes on the moon

A group of scientists from Chongqing University in China have announced their intention to try to grow on the moon the potatoes in the framework of the upcoming research mission. The experiment, as reported, should start later next year.

photo: pixabay.com

Potatoes for the experiment, according to experts, will be delivered to Earth’s natural satellite research unit “Chang’e-4”. The experiment was planned to conduct on the side of the moon, which from the Earth can not be seen.

It also reported that “Chang’e-4” will be delivered to the lunar surface the larva silkworm — specialists interested in how these larvae will develop on the moon and will they be able to survive there. Experts say that capsule with potatoes and larvae will be something like “closed ecosystem”.

Scientists expect that the results of the experiment will approach the moment when humanity will be able to create the first lunar colony.

American and European scientists for some time have been conducting experiments to grow vegetables in the “Martian” conditions. However, they are not on the red planet and on Earth, albeit in a specially equipped “greenhouses”, where the atmospheric pressure, atmospheric composition and soil overall consistent with those found on Mars. For a successful completion in March of the current year of the experiment on potato growing experts of the American aerospace Agency NASA had selected about a hundred of the most “picky” of sorts. About half of these varieties have been specially bred by genetics, while the other originally grew in the Andes, that is, on rocky soil in the arid areas, characterized by sharp change of weather. And in the middle of last year, experts from the Netherlands have grown in soil similar to Martian soil, fit for human consumption radish, peas, rye, and tomatoes.


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