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Saturday, March 17, 2018

US attorney called the allegations of collusion with Russia “disgusting lies”

Investigation “Russian trace” in the presidential campaign of Donald trump is gaining momentum. After a speech in the U.S. Senate the former head of the FBI James Komi to Congress explained the attorney General Jeff sessions. Previously, he withdrew from the investigations of Moscow’s interference in American elections because of the suspicion in contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. The head of the Ministry of justice firmly rejected this suspicion, calling them “appalling and disgusting lie”. While many of the sessions questions to answer to give.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

“Let me clearly say, colleagues, immediately said the Prosecutor, I never met or talked to the official representatives of Russia and other countries regarding interference in any campaign or election in the United States. Moreover, I don’t know about any of these contacts with anyone associated with the campaign trump. The assumption that I was involved in collusion with the Russians or knew of him, are horrific and disgusting lie”. Later, however, sessions said that could see the Russian Ambassador, but only briefly, and therefore he “can’t remember”.

But after the emergence of rumors about meetings and Roman sessions with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General still went away from the investigation, “the Russian intervention”. At the Senate hearings, he stressed that it is in any case does not confirm the fact of the meeting. “I was eliminated from the investigation in relation to the campaign of the President, but not eliminated from defending my honor from insulting and false accusations”, — the official explained his position.

At the Senate hearing can refuse to answer the question, for example, if it involves secret data. This is often used by the justice Minister, which one of the senators even said that it “impedes the investigation”. For example, sessions said nothing about, and discussed with him the tramp of the “Russian investigation” before the dismissal of James Comey. Sessions said that the policy of the Ministry of justice did not reveal details of private conversations with the President.

In the US it is widely believed that the head of the FBI has lost his job due to the fact that “Russian trace” led him directly to the President and trump wanted to get rid of it. Evasive answers of the attorney General are unable to dispel these suspicions.

However, while these accusations are not supported by the facts. Even the speech by the former head of the FBI within the same series of Senate hearings did not become a sensation. James Komi said that trump asked “to leave alone” disgraced Advisor Michael Flynn and “to dispel the shadow of the Russian investigation, which prevented him to govern the country”. But Republican senators said that Komi misunderstood the President’s words, which was not a direct order. At the hearing with the attorney General they were also trying to protect the approximate trump. So, one of the Republicans compared the expected meeting with Kislyak and Roman sessions at the “Mayflower” with a “ridiculous” plot of a spy novel.


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