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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ufologists have noticed in the orbit of a giant UFO, similar to a cigarette

By studying the satellite image, made one of the probes NASA research, ufologists have noticed the unusual glowing object, which they thought resembles the shape of a cigarette. As reported by a number of media supporters of the theories about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations have suggested that a UFO is an alien spaceship, reaches about 70 meters in length.

photo: pixabay.com

The glitter of the alleged spaceship hunters “aliens” to explain the fact that he covered reflect light with a smooth metal covering. Ufologists claim that a space ship was planning to land on some asteroid. Several media outlets also claimed that the representatives of the American space Agency NASA has commented on the rumors about the mysterious UFO and stated that in fact with bright stripes is only a patch of light. However, official sources did not contain even such a comment — as you know, serious experts rarely comment on news of this kind, not wanting to attract even more and without that undeserved attention.

Anyway, reports of unidentified flying objects appear on the Internet very often, especially in recent years — only since the beginning of June it was reported, in particular, about the space ship in the shape of the letter V in the sky over Chile UFO over Antarctica, alien spaceship on the moon and so on. In Krasnodar, the police even had the entire form to check the information about the “unauthorized” entry of aliens on Earth. With the corresponding statement the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Krasnodar asked a local resident who thought he saw the seven humanoids who had “communications” and “unknown design” silver colour. However, to detect alien or anything unusual at the scene failed.

Most of the scientists believes that aliens are unlikely to actually visit the Land in person. Slightly higher some researchers believe the likelihood that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, if they exist, could try to contact Earth by means of certain signals, the decoding of which have recently been proposed to connect users of social networks.


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